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    hi opt II indices, anyone?

    Nope. Casinos have successfully destroyed almost all hard copies of this important document in the past 30 years.
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    Switching To Multiple Spots At +3

    If surveillance saw you switch to 2 hands every time TC rises to +3, what will be their conclusion? You can only sell when you lose two hands at a roll then act "frustrated" and switch to two hands.
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    Water Park Coming to AC.

    The indoor pool could be named Covid Ocean.
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    Ruffled by The Shuffle and Card Clumping

    ASM doesn't need to place ten face cards in the middle of the shoe. The machine can place those face cards anywhere. When entering that clump, both dealer and players got 20, so they push. In reality, ASM would put like 13 or 14 face cards in the face card clump but they also insert two non-face...
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    Risk of returning to a casino you have been bared from

    The player should just cash in 2K he won. Use the remaining 1K as bank roll for the next trip. Many if not most casinos will check player's ID if the player cashes more than 3K. The better for you is if you visit a casino far away from your base, then stop playing when you have 2.5K chips and...
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    Prolonged losing streak

    Besides Zen count, I also have two side counts, one count 8 and 9 together and one count ace. So I can see how cards are distributed in full spectrum. It is like I am flying the airplane while Don is driving a car. I see much more than he does. It is my belief that some casinos can alter the...
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    Prolonged losing streak

    Actually your book hurts people more than help them when they play at casino clumping cards. Encoder/decoder mismatch leads to the disaster. People should not assume casinos don't cheat. When they always lose at some casino, STOP PLAYING THERE.
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    Prolonged losing streak

    You should play at the casinos you are winning. When you start playing in the new casinos, start with low stake tables to see if you can win there. Basically I only play hand shuffled $25 tables. When I go playing ASM tables, I only play at $10 table, knowing I might have clumping problems and...
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    Question About Walking out With Chips

    I think right now you are OK to cash the chips with days or even months passed by. But the casinos prefer players cash them out in the same day. And in the future when most people are costumed to such rules, they may make the change.
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    Question About Walking out With Chips

    Most chips these days are inserted with RFID chip inside. My casino put them in a plate, then the total will display immediately without cashier added the values together. If it is a big amount, the pit boss will remind me of cashing the chips in 24 hours or the same day. These are the...
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    The fun of the beginning stages of a (hopefully) career

    If I were the dealer, I would reply, "Do you really need to ask why?"
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    total beginner on blackjack and counting

    No double down after split rule will kill you. And it is a very unusual rule. To make even counters cannot beat the game.
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    A message to young aspiring card counters

    Hand-shuffled. (If you knew me, you wouldn't ask this question.) He is in the first base. He got the cut card every time except the time he went to rest room. The table agree he is so lucky, he should cut every shoe.
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    A message to young aspiring card counters

    Yes, he did not get the chance to buy insurance. Before the dreadful three rounds, he was blessed. He bought insurance according to TC, and every time he got his way. And this is the first and probably the only one time I saw an AP's fortune reverse 180 degree in the most extreme way.