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    Pitch Blackjack Question

    Sammy, Not cheating but is always advantageous as in the more info the better. I agree with Biff that cover is the way to go, 'cause the house will introduce themselves if they find your using the info. Sitting center is best. JB
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    Major BJ Breakthrough?

    Re: Major BJ - FLASH There's More ...and it is all so reminiscent of the famous Quasar Apogee system. The good ones die young.... JB
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    What spreads do you find bring no heat?

    Re: some heat observations 2 cents worth: I'd be careful "hiding your winnings", as personal experience dictates, this may be the one massively obvious cover that will get you tossed in some places. JB
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    My last visit to Tahoe...

    I would love to simply watch a session like that. Another good one ZG. Thanks.
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    Clever cover ploy # 128

    Re: Definition of "ZEN" I absolutely MUST get in on this discussion. ZG - your story and the details of your activities during those three sessions kick ass! That is awesome.... and I would be proud to tell such a story in this forum. If you have more please share. As for the whining going on...
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    Introducing myself

    Re: how many hands... OFTEN Good points, all of them. As for their (your examples) willingness to play boldly, one can only assume this draws whatever heat there is away from good for them!?
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    Introducing myself

    Re: how many hands... OFTEN I think that determining an advantage player would solely depend on the play and how the cards come out. The number of hands they played wouldn't matter as much compared to how they played them. Mayor and ZG, both of you make the comments "in about 2 seconds" and...