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    Sounds like bull shite to me. I think this thread needs to be cut. This is mythology!
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    What is your millionaire potential?

    took the test and scored a 23! So why the F&%ck am I so broke! No Bankroll no car no mo trips to LV! : (
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    Any NLV dives worth playing at?

    In the old days when you could bring your gun in your luggage. We used to walk from the Western to the LVC. It did not matter because we looked like the predators on the street anyway. Gotta live on the edge sometimes!
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!
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    Griffin Investigations, Inc. bankruptcy meeting

    Bev is a greedy beeaatch... she reminds me of a retired vamp who is using up her savings on face lifts and lypo suction. I am sure they covered up a lot of financiel information. They probably have three sets of books. They are a real sleezy business operation. Every one complains about the...
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    Slots-a-Fun, a personal invitation!

    You better watch out ZG or the boogy man is gonna get you and drag you to the back room. Sluts O Fun can be dangerous. If you get kidnapped call Bob Nersesian. Sounds like a good game to catch AP"S.
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    Anyone Going to the Green Chip Party in Vegas?

    will the next GC south event be in Tunica???
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    Anyone Going to the Green Chip Party in Vegas?

    we always go but cant this year Its a great time and well worth it. Lots of AP celebrities and famous CC historical types!!!! You can meet the las vegas bear, stanford wong, the mayor, math prof, etc etc. Lots of mischief too!
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    Rita's a comming and she is nasty

    Now I know I am not going Vegas this fall with this pain in my arse storm coming in my back yard! Anyone wanna buy a wet Black jack table?????
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    Grosjean busted Griffin!

    We met Bev at the trial and we found her to be quite the dish! She was greedy, vane, and had the ability to be evil and cruel! We caught the last couple days of the trial and were able to witness cardcounting history. We salute the victors! Carpe Diem!
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    Katrina relief

    I guess tunica will have to take up the slack. Its to bad all those people out of work. The state was already poor. This is a sure to be a death to the areas economy as well as to the rest of the country.
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    Automatic Monkey's photo in Griffin Book... *PIC*

    ZG are you admitting to a.... kinky life style????? Lets keep this thread to Card counting!!! HEHEHEHE
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    Automatic Monkey's photo in Griffin Book... *PIC*

    A bit of animalistic porn I must say. The original post was fun the second one was sickly funny and juvenile. Hey can't we all just get along! Now back to making money!!!!
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    I evolve!

    What do you disagree with and what can you add or enlighten us with?
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    Automatic Monkey's photo in Griffin Book... *PIC*

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha oh shite now that is hilarious hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha........