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    ES10 and ESA

    usually they are not going to let you insure and surrender at the same time. Note 14 v T becomes a hit in any negative count.
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    first time post - questions about card counting

    As for whether to camp or to hit and run, that is a judgement call. Camping might expose you, but it will also allow you to get in volume and the more rounds you play the more money you make. If you are red chipping, then a lot of the time you can fly under the radar and camp.
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    first time post - questions about card counting

    "I mean a true count of +4 in 8-deck is JUST as good as a true count of +4 in double deck, correct? " It depends. You stated that the 8 deck game has "good rules", so presumably that means better rules than the double deck game. The best way to determine your exact edge at a particular true...
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    7 7 vs 8

    did u play blackjack while in latin america? how were the games?
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    My First Card Counting experience... NEED HELP

    bro don't start out with a max bet of $400. You are still green. get some experience at low limit play before u start making the big bets.
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    A tale of variance.

    hahaha that is funny. Anyway Raven, I agree with you those 8 deckers can hold a count. So long as you get a 1.5 deck cut or better I'll play an 8 deck shoe all day. Also if you can find a nice ES10 game then it is easier to get a good count cause u can start ramping at TC + 1 anyway.
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    A tale of variance.

    " I don't know of any count that would still be valid 10 or 12 cards down the line from the time you placed your bet, " Voodoo. The tendency of the true count is to stay the same, so in the long run we will end up the same if we bet, burn 10 cards, then deal our hand, or if we just bet and...
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    The floor is yours, X(Z)G. Tell us why ZZ still exists

    You went to the police over posts on the internet?
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    Those long losing streaks

    Don't let the screen door hit you in the ass on the way out.
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    Those long losing streaks

    I don't think they let you use the internet in jail.
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    Those long losing streaks
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    The power of surrender

    Remember that 17 v A behaves different than other surrender indexes. Usually, with surrender, you are more inclined to surrender as the count gets higher. With 17 v A this is not the case.
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    Splitting 10's video @ BJTF

    Dubai Palace (in Cancun) is S17 and uses a CSM. Zero is referencing a different ten splitting video, which is in Mexico but not Cancun.