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    Practice Equipment?

    the shoe isn't really necessary, if your wife prefers dealing without it. the discard tray is actually the important piece since you need to practice deck estimation. i wouldn't worry too much about the cards, different casinos use different cards so u have to get used to varying card sizes...
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    new blackjack book on card counting and AP play

    Harsh but fair. If you are interested in reviewing the complete work I'd be happy to send you a copy.
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    new blackjack book on card counting and AP play
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    Any Advice

    stop over betting your bankroll
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    double deck or 6 deck

    Usually with six deck after you put the cut card in, the dealer completes the cut and then puts another cut card in after. It is the second cut card that determines the penetration, not the one you place. The best way to compare competing counting opportunities is through the use of a...
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    Ideal number of other players

    I would say the opposite, a ploppy comrade slows me down significantly more in a shoe game than in a pitch game, as my top speed (in terms of rounds per hour) is so much higher when playing shoe vs pitch.
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    Ideal number of other players

    The ideal number of players is just yourself, anyone else will just slow you down.
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    TC to switch from 1 hand to 2 hands

    I personally play two hands all the time, dropping only in highly negative counts.
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    Understanding Illustrious 18 - Player 9 vs Dealer 2

    "If so, why does BS say DD to begin with?" How is a 9 v 2 composed? 9 can be either 7,2, 6,3, 4,5. 2 is composed of one 2. So aside from the 7,2 v 2, which is a +2 RC, you have a +3 RC from 63 v 2 or 45 v 2. With 2 decks that is 1.5 TC. So that is why in double deck 9 v 2 is a basic...
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    ES10 and ESA

    usually they are not going to let you insure and surrender at the same time. Note 14 v T becomes a hit in any negative count.
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    first time post - questions about card counting

    As for whether to camp or to hit and run, that is a judgement call. Camping might expose you, but it will also allow you to get in volume and the more rounds you play the more money you make. If you are red chipping, then a lot of the time you can fly under the radar and camp.
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    first time post - questions about card counting

    "I mean a true count of +4 in 8-deck is JUST as good as a true count of +4 in double deck, correct? " It depends. You stated that the 8 deck game has "good rules", so presumably that means better rules than the double deck game. The best way to determine your exact edge at a particular true...
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    7 7 vs 8

    did u play blackjack while in latin america? how were the games?
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    My First Card Counting experience... NEED HELP

    bro don't start out with a max bet of $400. You are still green. get some experience at low limit play before u start making the big bets.