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    KJ, How Did Your Year Go

    Yes, the IRS is going to look at 2019 tax info to see who qualifies for a check or direct deposit. However, this does not mean you won't get the $600. The first stimulus check and the second $600 stimulus check are based on 2020 income. You just will have to wait until you do you 2020 taxes to...
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    KJ, How Did Your Year Go

    Look on the bright side, at least your income will be low enough to qualify for both stimulus checks.
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    Using bitcoin while traveling seems like a good solution. Anyone doing it already?

    This is the tax question every taxpayer has to answer in 2020. It is located right on Form 1040. It is kind of hard to miss. Are you going to lie to the IRS?
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    Using bitcoin while traveling seems like a good solution. Anyone doing it already?

    Might not know much about bitcoin, but I do know something about taxes. If you want to detail every time you buy a doughnut and coffee with bitcoin go ahead. The headaches aren't worth it.
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    Using bitcoin while traveling seems like a good solution. Anyone doing it already?

    Every transaction with bit coin is a taxable event.
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    KJ, How Did Your Year Go

    You mentioned you are done playing for the year. At one time you mentioned this year was going badly. Did you manage to pull off a winning year in this shortened covid year? I made only one trip this year in early spring and haven't played since. Played three sessions on that trip and won one...
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    My frustratingly bad results in Las Vegas

    If you are a pro, I'm surprised you have been to Vegas only 3 times. Where do you play? If you have only played 2,000 hours that is not much experience. Over what time period does 2,000 hours cover. I would expect a pro to get in at least 500 to 1000 hours of play in a year. My life time...
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    South Point Blackjack

    One of the casinos I visit changes their DD cards about every two or three hours. They spread them out for all to see, but they don't wash them. They just shuffle and away they go. Many times cards come out very strange. Watch to see if they wash the cards.
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    Newly Created Blackjack Bankroll calculator by me

    Almost all blackjack games offer insurance. Why no insurance?
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    This year is different!

    The tax man might not like this method.
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    Variance in blackjack

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    A message to young aspiring card counters

    Most folks never make a $150,000 in a year at any point in their lives. Only about 15% of the population have $150,000 or over household income and that is household income not individual income.
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    Can casino dealers talk/met up with customers off hours?

    Ah, the juicy details. Most interesting was probably having a gal dealer ask me to dance. Also told me she had a dream about me, but no idea what the dream was about.
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    Hey Buddy! Let me tell you a few things. First off I have been a member of Norm's forum for a long time, but I wasn't very active on BJTF for most of those years. I spent the majority of my time on BJ21. Only since about 2017 have I been active there. Second, there is a cry baby here who likes...
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    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. You are the biggest troll and trouble maker around. I can't think of one worthwhile post you ever made. I see you got yourself banned again at Norm's site. Is it permanent this time. I hope so. You agitated so many innocent folks and caused them to...