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    Advantage Play @ Slots

    There are also other forums that have info on this if you let your "fingers do their walking".
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    A look at Down Town LV

    You gotta admit she is kinda cute. LOL
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    A look at Down Town LV

    But you gotta admit she is kinda cute even if she doesn't know how to play BJ well. She is better than her first videos..............she at least uses Basic most of the time now, though she almost ALWAYS plays the side bets.
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    Video poker

    This thread makes NO sense timeline wise
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    A look at Down Town LV

    Because she has an arrangement with them to film and show her play. I wrote her one time and she confirmed. She knows management.
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    Avoiding coloring it a good idea?

    At some places, and YMMV, I would avoid coloring up to pink chips. Seems they tend to call the pit to see if that's right when pink. But usually, no cashier seems to give a rat's about black chips. I think it really does depend upon the house or size of the casino, or tolerance, so to speak.
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    Cover that paid - also need help

    You don't want to make it look like it's an intense fascination with "every card" as CIF rightfully suggests.........but if you look at how all "ploppies" play, there is general watching and interest in every card that comes out. Think about those who wish you good luck on an Ace first card...
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    Question About Walking out With Chips

    Usually a different "carnival" BJ game, like Spanish 21 or Super Fun 21, where the rules or playing conditions make up for the extra favorable option of hitting after doubling. Such as dealer pushes when they make 22 or removal of all 10s in Spanish 21 or pay even money on Blackjacks.
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    Cover that paid - also need help

    KJ makes some good points. And honestly, play with a $2k bankroll in most places won't even catch anyone's attention negatively. CIF makes a good point about sitting out hands, but you can do that judiciously in some circumstances, as in "changing the flow of cards" or that you want to "see...
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    My frustratingly bad results in Las Vegas

    Do you have CVCX? Did you run for your bet spread and bankroll? I tried to input info from what you said above for 20 hours of play and 2x$500 max bet. It looks like your loss is outside 2 standard deviations (or possible but not probable). But I don't have the full amount of info to input...
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    A look at Down Town LV

    No offense but how can you call El Cortez "the best game downtown", when they only deal 1 round on the single deck games, no matter HOW many players and they hawk the DD games like German prison guards at a concentration camp during WWII? LOL
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    AC -- looking to play breakeven for comps -- thoughts?

    Penetration seems to have worsened during this time for sure. We have a local place here that has a DD game. H17. But pen is HORRIBLE now. They said that someone had beat them for too much money awhile ago and management had changed the rule to 50% pen only. But in addition to that, they...
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    AC -- looking to play breakeven for comps -- thoughts?

    Quick AC really so easy to find S17 games at that lower bet level? They aren't mostly H17 like Vegas has become?
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    Mohegan Sun Pocono & Mount Airy

    I have never played in PA and was going to visit a friend there in the near future. She lives close to Mohegan Sun. Without being too specific or if you prefer to PM, I was interested in general info and playing conditions for BJ in Pennsylvanial also, like Southbound asked.
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    What are the odds....

    That HAS happened to me before..........where they point out a dealer error in your favor. BUT I have also been at a table where no one said a word when the dealer payed the table as if she had busted but had 21. LOL And yes, I sure understood Don's sarcasm............because I would venture...