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    playing shoe to cut card, how do you divide for true count?

    Playing casinos with 8 decks, but the cut card is 2 decks from the end of the shoe. To convert running count to true count then, do I divide by 8 (the total number of decks) or by 6 (the number of decks in play)? If by 6, is that assuming an even distribution of cards in the last, unplayed...
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    Niagara Falls Casino Rules

    The Niagara Falls, Ontario casios use 8 decks, DAS, double any, split any. Casino Niagara has one manually shuffled shoe table and the others use CSMs. The VIP ($50 min bet) room has all manual shuffle/shoe tables. Only been to Fallsview 2x, and only saw CSMs there. Same rules. Seneca...
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    Should I take insurance holding 20 vs dealer's A?

    What about taking even money on your blackjack when the dealer's upcard is an ace? If the dealer's had a particularly disgusting lucky streak (6 card 21s, wiping out the whole table), I will take even money, especially if I have a large bet out. Thoughts on this?
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    Is shuffle tracking a thing of the past...

    I played against a CSM that the dealer said had 5 decks in it.
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    which basic strategy is right?

    I'm still stuck on 3 points - against a multi-deck shoe. With the pair 4,4 do you split against a dealer 5 only or against a dealer 5 or 6? With the pair 6,6 do you split against dealer 3-6 or 3-7? With the pair 7,7 do you split against dealer 2-7 or 2-8? Thanks!!!
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    what am I doing wrong?

    The variance continues... Lost a little over $2000 in 2 visits to the casino, but won $1100 back on 3rd trip. So you guys are saying this swing is normal? I know it's going to take a while to get the counting thing down. I've gotten about 3/4 of the way through the dealable portion of...
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    how can the count stay so negative?

    I'm using a count from a Canfield book; A,8,2 are zero, 9 and 10 are -1, and 3-7 are +1. Counting a 6 deck game today with the shuffle point about 2 decks from the end of the shoe, I spent nearly the entire shoe between -3 and -16. How the heck do you wager on that with anything but flat...
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    what am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for the replies. My last 2 trips to the casino (after this original posting) had me take $300 out of my pocket and 4 hours later walk away $1,600 ahead on the first trip. However, my last trip had me take out $600 and lose it all. I just don't get why there are such wide...
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    which basic strategy is right?

    Thanks DoubleFiddle. I'll check it out and get the right one.
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    which basic strategy is right?

    I've read through several BJ books, and while they all show basic strategy (not modified basic or otherwise - at least as they state it), presuming DD after split permitted, they differ on several points, such as 1) with a hard 9: a)hit 2, double 3-6 b)hit 2,3, double 4-6 c)hit double 2-6...
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    latency of redistribution theory vs. CSMs

    Can anyone point to any validity to a latency of redistribution theory? I've been reading on it, but everything seems to be very subjective.
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    how do tournaments work

    I see there's a tournament at the casino. You pay $20 to enter, and they give you $2,000 in tournament chips. Normal table rules (for that casino). Do they just go through the shoe once and whoever has won the most gets compared to others at different tables/sessions have won? Thanks.
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    what am I doing wrong?

    I'm new to BJ, and have memorized and play the basic strategy without much thinking too much, but am still having problems. Here the manifistation of the problem. Played 1x after memorizing basic and walked away $42.50 ahead on $200 taken out to play. I was as much as $700 ahead, and lost it...
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    Niagara Falls casinos

    I've played on both sides a couple of times, and did find the American side dealers and bosses to be much friendlier. There are signs on the tables on the Canadian side stating that giving away drinks is illegal there. Figures - the provincial government runs the casinos AND makes the laws :)...
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    Niagara Falls casinos

    Anyone here familiar playing Niagara Falls, NY or Niagara Falls, Ontario casinos?