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    Don't want to show ID

    yes there is no visible way If they scan you at the door, pit can get your information easily. But there are ways to avoid id scan at the door without any hassle- if you are big player..
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    Not to surrender when using matchplay coupon

    Note the EV for 16 Vs 10 and then buy a chocolate for school kid...
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    Interesting new Harrahs promotion

    yes Got 60k on oct 31 as posted..
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    Profit for the year 2011 so far?

    Ideal ask should be: To answer following: 1) Number of hours played 2) Ratio of actual results Vs EV gained (in %age) 3) Ev earned(in $$$) - optional
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    Is it right to double down a blackjack if you know you'll get a 10?

    Yes always If dealer shows small card: 2-3-4, you are looking at less EV than dealer showing 9-T-A.. But still it's around 30% more EV
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    How often do Casinos check the table hold?

    Totally dependent on casino size action, and tolerance level. If you can share details about the place, you can expect a better answer.. But yes, every shift change, they count the chip-tray. they collect the drop every 24 hour..
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    St Louis

    emailed you.. check it out.
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    Wtf is kj doing back here???

    Do you know how good Jack black is? If you know him-his stakes and his skill factor during promotions, then you would not doubt yourself. No justification is required..
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    New Royal 20's Side Bet

    Only because you have asked for it.. Hi-lo: Floored True Count +5 for 6-deck It become +EV at +5 and higher true counts.. Since variance is low, I would simply bet 25 on +5 and higher.. What is 10-count? I would stick with hi-lo only.... If you want EV and Variance number per count...
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    New Royal 20's Side Bet

    yes count will make some difference.That depends upon ratio of main bet to side-bet.. What's the table max on side bet? It is definitely beatable and better than lucky ladies in all prospects.. It become favorable before LL and the same payour will work great for double decks also. It has...
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    7/8 Penetration Advantage?

    7/8 is not deep It's the worst pen on 8-deck i'd played..
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    Anyone in/from Green bay WI?

    Please respond or PM me..
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    Is a 1 to 4 Spread OK for this DD game?

    lol I'm not sure what "team play" you are thinking of. I don't think pooling my bank roll w/people I don't know is a wise thing to do. Plus I don't want to learn a different count (I'm good with Zen) nor do I want to play the 6 deck games because the DD games are so much easier with better...
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    Beating 6:5

    Which count is that? ?
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    +EV promotion?

    Play high variance slot machine hit or miss..