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    My blackjack tournament principles

    Following my comments on Ken's ebook about blackjack tournaments, here are my own ideas in addition to those principles Ken has written. I've divided them into 7 individual items. Disclaimer: So far I've only read Ken's ebook in this subject so am not sure if these ideas have already been...
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    My comments on Ken's ebook "How to win more blackjack tournaments"

    Dear all, This time I would like to present my ideas about BJ tournament play, which is such a fascinating area. Before I go into details, just to let you know that my blackjack experience is only 9-month long and my BJ tournament playing history is only half a year. Having said that, I am very...
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    Blackjack Tournament Action Update ..

    The new Aliante Hotel & Casino is open ! It's located on the 215 and Aliante Pkwy in north Las Vegas. Starting on Friday, December 5th and continuing on each Friday evening .. The Aliante will be holding a "Single Deck" Blackjack Tournament. Registration begins at 4:00 pm .. with the 1st...