1. airfree

    Palms Casino Opening April 27, 2022

    A lot of players loved playing at the Palms. New Ownership.
  2. I

    UK locations

    Hey, I'm new to Card Counting and am currently working on perfecting it but will need to know which casinos in the UK you can do it. I went to the ricoh arena which is my closest one but only had automatic shuffling machines where the dealer dealt a deck then mixed it back in. Just as a side not...
  3. JSTAT


    I am a blackjack card counter. I was a recovering hi-lo loser at 21 before I discovered my ten count 20 years ago. Yes, the same hi-lo count used by the suckers at MIT in the movie "21". The chumps at MIT went bankrupt according to the History Channel's "Breaking Vegas". My Ten Count(JSTATII) is...
  4. B

    I need your questions on money management

    I am completing a project on bankroll or money management when gambling in casinos. Please share with me your number one question about how to preserve your money when playing in casinos by going here (Dead link: Thanks Jimmy J