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I'm Australian.
Most of the casinos here are all CSM on the main floor with a couple of shoe games in the HL rooms.
There is 13 casinos here and the distance between each one is very long, so it is hard to get decent hours in with the travel involved and limited opportunities.


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I hate to engage in thread necromancy but I'm an Australian too.

When it comes to counting/AP, its exceptionally hard and arguably not worth it.

Basically the main floors are all-CSM or shoe-games-at-$50+ minimums. 3:2 blackjack starts at $25 per hand (or $30 per hand) at the capital-city-casinos from what I know (I'm not familiar with Darwin).

That said, the comps I've gotten from casinos here (when I'm on an interstate VIP program) strike me as reasonable/fair. Sometimes even a bit generous given I'm a relatively modest gambler. And whilst casinos have captive locals markets here, those who can afford to start a VIP program (usually this requires a 5k or 10k buy-in) are competed over pretty aggressively.

My advice to Australian blackjack players is to save up, get an interstate VIP program, gamble only at casinos in which you're on such a program, and play perfect basic strategy. Given the free drinks you get in the VIP rooms, this is actually the least expensive way to get drunk in an Australian casino.

But card counting or AP is essentially impossible here. The security is zealous.

But at least the hotels are pretty good and even modest action on an interstate VIP program gets you fair (and sometimes generous) comps.


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johndoe said:
Is shoe-dealt Spanish 21/Pontoon an option?
I've only seen Pontoon dealt from a CSM, sorry.

ALSO here's an update from Australia (note that I am only talking about 3:2 games here, no "Blackjack Challenge" or other reduced payout scams):

$20, $25 and $30 games on the main floor of SkyCity - 6d CSM S17 d9-11 DAS nRSA RS3 ENHC NS
One shoe-dealt $50 game on the main floor, 8 decks
Grange Room games are $50+, 8 deck and hand shuffled with 7 decks penetration.
House Edge roughly 0.66%
Side note for Baccarat players: Adelaide will give you traditional Baccarat rules at $100 mins in the Grange Room. Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne all demand $200 or $300 for traditional Baccarat rules, and only offer Super 6 at $100.

BRISBANE (and presumably Gold Coast and Sydney since they're owned by the same company, but I may be wrong)
$20 and $30 games on the main floor now hit on soft 17. 6d CSM H17 d9-11 DAS SplitOnce OBO NS, House Edge: 0.777%
$50 games on the main floor stand on all 17s but are still dealt from CSMs. House Edge: 0.555%
$100 games in Sovereign/The Suite/VIP rooms are dealt from a shoe which is ASM-shuffled. 5 decks penetration IIRC, House Edge: 0.575%

Main floor games start at $25 (IIRC) for a 6dCSM. H17, D9-11, DAS, nRSA, RS3, OBO, NS. House Edge: 0.733%
From $50+ (it may be $30 at times but my memory is a bit hazy) the game is dealt from an 8 deck ASM-shuffled shoe. House Edge: 0.774%
In the Mahogany Room, the game stands on all 17s. The game is $50 12pm-6pm Monday to Friday, and $100 all other times. House Edge: 0.55%

So yeah, its a pretty grim picture all things being considered. Deep penetration doesn't change the fact the house edges are high, the table mins are high, the shoe-dealt games are watched closely and the casinos here make more from Baccarat than Blackjack. Recreational players on VIP programs, however, can still get good deals on some very nice hotels.


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Certainly there are other games besides blackjack where AP is possible with additional information. Seems blackjack is a waste of time entirely.