black jack promotion pays two to one

Greetings, I have been playing several hours a day in a blackjack promotion that pays 2 to 1, I have read that this simple change can give a 2 percent advantage, the rules are 6 decks, early surrender, 80% penetration, I would like to know what it would be the best way to attack this game. They have recommended me to play 2 hands at a time and only use basic strategy but I have been doing this for a while and I don't see positive results. greetings,

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Assuming no negative rules you're not mentioning, you essentially have a license to print money at such a game -- yes, you have greater than a 2% edge over the casino, assuming an honest game and reasonable rules otherwise. Early surrender is virtually non-existent anymore. Flat bet two or more hands of the table maximum for as many hours a day as you can tolerate, or whatever the maximum bet is that you think the casino will tolerate. Don't risk getting kicked out for counting or any other sharp play; your edge is too strong just flat betting and playing basic strategy to risk annoying them. Just play.
I have been thinking about dividing my bankroll into 200 units and playing 2 hands at a time, do you think it would be enough to have a low risk of ruin? Greetings.


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This game/promotion can't possibly last. With the BJ payoff and ES, the player has a huge edge, and the casino is going to get hammered.

Just play for as long as you can, as much as you can afford. Situations like this don't come around very often.