Chess perhaps strengthen card counting?


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I took long hiatus from BJ, about year and bit. Didn't practice even at all. I had other things in life come up that had be taken care of first before BJ. Now that my path back to BJ (even though I was fairly unsuccessful in my last one money wise) Is starting open up again in perhaps 6 months plus. So I started off with good ole CVCX playing Shoe game. I expected to be really rusty and struggling hold count, perhaps slowing the dealer down and what not. But the opposite occurred. My playing decisions were significantly faster, counting very fast, and not experiencing burn out headache. There was some mistakes don't get me wrong, but the bulk of it went excellent for first time session in long stretch.

It had me thinking...How was that possible? I picked up Chess lately, I felt same way I had when I first started counting. Lot's of things going, overwhelm, mental challenge, etc... As I progressed with Chess, I did get better/faster with my moves. I feel as if Chess requires much higher brain power than BJ. But both games use maybe similar areas of the brain? Wondering if we have any Chess players who are also Card Counters here, is their a correlation here at all? Could Chess really actually benefit card counting?