Cripple creek colorado casinos.


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i would think it would be very easy to beat the BJ games here (unless the games are dishonest). why? because theyre quite affordable. one room has $5-500 betting 3-2 shoe game, and of course u can get a bigger spread by playing 2 spots. Colorado casino management has long believed no counters would ever visit colorado so they have ev plus promotions and good rules. the room above, they give u a little bingo card and it doesnt cost extra. and its not hard to fill up. once u get any 4 squares full, u get $100, so that alone has to bring the payout over 100%. also u get another $250 more if all 4 squares are in the same row, which i hit by my 6th square filled.

and if play at the casino down the street, they give u $20 free every morning for sitting down. had i known this about 5 days ago id been going there daily. that too should make the game plus ev. but i didnt trust that casino to use an honest shoe the count kept getting higher plus the more u went thru the shoe for like 2-3 shoes. there would be nothing but aces and tens left and then the count (running) would go from plus 12 to plus 17 because still no face cards in the deck. on the 4th shoe i quit at the shuffle when the running count went back to plus 3 from plus 16 and id gave back my only profit for the whole week from being up over $700 early to being up a little over $200.

i always run terrible in live BJ, no matter how good the count or the promotions. been that way for years. barely got 29-30k left to my name out of 57k

only bad policy here is they wont let a new player sit with a fresh shoe. u must play out the shoe with a huge negative count (at least i assume it is) that another player left partway through, they wont give u a fresh shuffle like vegas does. im paranoid as to why the other player quit long before i showed up in the middle of the shoe, and i would prefer a fresh deck.

but all 4 live BJ games in town are all 3-2 there isnt any 6-5 around here, and u can get some wide bet spreads from like 10-1000 or more if u use 2 or 3 spots.

i wish there was a way i could find and meetup with a local player, im curious who gives the best room comp offers and mailers if u lose enough. im tired of losing money in places that do nothing for u.