House edge for 2023 old Lisboa blackjack in Macau

2023 current games rule in Lisboa Macau (old Lisboa) goes like this:
5 decks.
Dealer stands on soft 17.
Player may double only on 11.
Dealer does not take a hole card. If dealer has blackjack player will lose entire bet, including additional wagers for doubling and splitting.
Double after a split allowed.
Player may surrender on any initial two cards, except against a dealer ace.
The player may choose to win half his bet with any five-card hand, except against a dealer ace. This option is not available after splitting.
A player 7-7-7 in his initial hand will immediately pay 3 to 1. Splitting will void this rule.
Resplitting aces is allowed,you cannot hit on splitted Aces
Continuous shuffler. (the screen of the CSM told me it is a five deck game)

According to this article by James K.
the house edge is 0% when
player 7-7-7 or suited 6-7-8 in his initial hand will immediately pay 3 to 1.

the only different is that suited 6-7-8 no longer receive that 3 to 1

so what is the house edge in this game?
I would guess that
(3/13)*(2/52)*(1/52)*3 which is about 0.05% ? (favoring the house obviously)