Paid on a push

I'll try to lay this out as clearly and fairly as I can. I'm looking for some feedback on the whole thing.

I was dealt a pair of 9s. Dealer showed a 9. I split the 9s. I draw a 2 on the first 9 and double down into a 21. I draw a 10 on the second 9 and stand.
The dealer flips and shows a 10. The result should have been a 2 unit gain.
I collect my chips, both the bets and the wins and another player says "you paid him on a the push".
The dealer calls "floor" and says "I paid him on the push". The pit boss says "you have to give us the money back".
I say "no". At this time, I honestly didn't think I was paid on the push. After some back and forth I say "I want to speak to your manager".
The pit boss says "you have to give the money back" and holds our her hand. I say "I've got the money, I'm going home".
Now the pit boss runs over to the phone and starts making calls. I leave out the front door.

Here is my stance: you're going to take the word of another patron that I was overpaid and not review it on tape? That was my beef with not giving the money back immediately and why I asked to speak to the manager like a Karen.

After I left the premises, I counted up my chips and I might (might) have been paid on the push. But I'm honestly not sure.

Just looking for some feedback on how I handled it, how they handled it, and anything I should do moving forward.


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First things first: the other player was a consummate asshole. As to your action, you should have simply said: "I don't think I was paid on the push, but I'll be happy to give back the money after you call upstairs and review the tape."



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What Don said. They can and probably will demand the money back when you return. And you have to pay up (assuming they reviewed the tape.)

Assuming they review the tape and confirm what the other patron claimed (LOL), I have no problem returning the money. But you know what, they had every chance to do that IN THAT MOMENT. I wish I had been specific instead of "asking for the manager" but the same could be said for them too.

On a side note, a similar thing happened a few years back but in the opposite direction. Called for a hit (like a 12 vs an 8, obvious hit), didn't get the hit, would have made a 21. I griped and the PB took the side of the dealer who claimed with 100% certainty that I said stand. I asked for a review and they WOULD NOT DO IT. I had to gripe to another PB. At this point I just wanted my original bet back. They finally reviewed and ended up paying me for the win.