Side counting A, 2 with KO

Curious if this has been attempted or if it's worth it.

KO "off the rack" has a BC of 0.98, PE of 0.55, IC of 0.78.
KO without the A, 2 has a BC of 0.88, PE of 0.64, IC of 0.86.

If I use KO "off the rack" for betting and then adjust my playing and insuring by adjusting the main count by the A-2 side count do I get:
BC of 0.98, PE of 0.64, IC of 0.86? This would seem like a pretty good system, but not sure if I can just mash the numbers together.

I tried to analyze this in CVData but I don't think I was doing it right.


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No, BC, PE, and IC are not simply additive like that. You'd have to run a separate sim/analysis for the new count you propose.



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I'm confused by your comment, Don. Both counts above (KO with and without A2) were presumably analyzed separately as above, and Burnitdown is proposing, in effect, using each count separately for playing and betting (and insurance) decisions.

Why wouldn't this result in the BC of the betting count, and the PE/IC of the play count?

[ This assumes he can do this accurately of course ]


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Thanks, Don, I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something!

BID: You'll really have to analyze it for the specific games you have access to in order to see if it's worth it, and get a sense for how well you can do this without errors. I'm guessing it's probably not but it's easy enough to find out.