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muckleshoot supposedly had been the #1 western wa casino prior to tulalip taking the title, and we just assumed the quality would therefore be comparable. Not so much. Tulalip is a gorgeous facility and we did well there. I just played NQ last tuesday, the quarterly BJ tournament was there (came in 4th, my first money finish) and I have to agree it's a great place to play. I hate the current parking situation, but it's temporary.

I had to laugh, they had installed tip boxes on all the shuttle vans, and I had to think to myself... you MAKE me ride a shuttle to get to my car and you want a TIP? I don't think so... Pretty presumptuous.
Yeah, I kinda thought the same thing about Muckleshoot. It's the only casino I've been to in the Seattle area. I think I broke even at BJ and then got stupid and played video poker and lost more than I should. I normally don't play bad games but we were on vacation and just having fun. Anyway...I much prefer NQ.