REKO and Betting Strategy

  • brandone

    REKO and Betting Strategy

    According to the “Modern Blackjack” book, the six-deck REKO (running count) bet is 1 unit at -4 and below, 2 at -3 & -2, 5 at -1, 0, +1, 10 at 2 & 3 and 15 at 4 and above. I understand that Norm would have definitely done his homework through billions of simulations to achieve this number set. But if I wish to keep my spread lower at lower counts and gradually go up, what would a good formula be?

    I am thinking 1 unit at -4 to -2; 2 units -1 to pos 1; 3 units pos 2, 4 units pos 3, 5 units pos 4, etc on as Hi-Lo’s true count minus 1 technique. Is this undesirable? I just don’t know how to feel about putting out $75 (15 unit) on $5 bet (1 unit) anywhere from RC of 4 to an RC of 20!

    Has anyone here tweaked RC or FELT or anything similar’s betting ramps? Any advice on modifying the betting ramps to suit ones bank roll and style? I like to go big when the count is really big, and moderate when the count is just big. I like to stay at 1 or 2 units when the count is neutral-ish.


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