Blackjack in the Media

  • moo321 Dec 4, 2011 (5 replies)
    Holy Rollers Screenings
    I just wanted to ask Colin if there were any more screenings planned for the movie, particularly in the Midwest. Also, let’s try to keep this thread on the movie, not anything else.
  • Dyepaintball12 Nov 14, 2011 (3 replies)
    "21" Bonus Features
    If anyone has the 2-DVD special edition 21 I recommend you watch the second DVD because it has cool extras. One of the extras is a more in-depth explanation of card counting and basic strategy and…
  • zengrifter Nov 14, 2011 (0 replies)
    Orange County Thorp Interview …
    … came out about the time of the 2007 collapse >> PDF:
  • Dyepaintball12 Nov 13, 2011 (43 replies)
    Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians I saw this at a local Film Festival yesterday night and it is awesome! A well-made film that really goes into team dynamics and the issues with trusting…
  • jaygruden Oct 14, 2011 (6 replies)
    2011 Casino Cheating…year in review
    If there’s a way to cheat, it will be discovered For casino cheats, 2011 has been a banner year. Criminals have pulled off more successful scams this year than in the past, said Darrin Hoke,…
  • Richard Munchkin Sep 28, 2011 (26 replies)
    Bob Neresian on GWAE again.
    Bob will be on again tomorrow 9/29 so if you have questions you want asked post here or at my site or email me or send a carrier pigeon. One of the things we already plan on talking about is what…
  • Phantom702 Jun 11, 2011 (14 replies)
    Arnold Synders new book?
    I believe heard this mentioned one of the the latest gamblers book club podcast. Does anyone have any information (release date, what type of blackjack book is it going to be my guess is a update…
  • Dyepaintball12 Jun 1, 2011 (33 replies)
    Was "21" sponsored by Casinos?
    I just watched “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” about product placement and advertising in movies and television shows and it got me thinking again about casinos involvement in the movie “21”. The…
  • Solo player Apr 23, 2011 (6 replies)
    Anyone read CASINO-OLOGY 2 by Bill Zender yet? Just received a copy in the mail yesterday. Very good read. …
  • cc218 Apr 14, 2011 (21 replies)
    Looking for a book to read
    … but not a strategy book, something more along the lines of Bringing Down the House. Doesn’t have to be based on a true story, but having blackjack or poker as a part of the plot would be cool. …
  • Dyepaintball12 Mar 26, 2011 (2 replies)
    Jerry Weintraub Documentary
    HBO is airing “His Way”, a documentary on Producer Jerry Weintraub on Monday April 4. He is the producer of Oceans 11, Oceans 12, Oceans 13, Vegas Vacation, and both Karate Kid movies! …
  • Dyepaintball12 Mar 19, 2011 (15 replies)
    Undercover Boss – MGM COO
    Tomorrow’s episode of “Undercover Boss” features the President and COO of MGM Resorts! Should be awesome! Sunday 9/8C CBS
  • creeping panther Feb 19, 2011 (9 replies)
    HBO Documentary
    HBO is now advertising a new documentary called “Players on the strip”, however I cannot at this time find any more info on it,,,maybe it is still being filmed?? CP
  • Dyepaintball12 Dec 9, 2010 (1 reply)
    Richard Roeper’s new book on Gambling
    Richard Roeper (the famed movie critic) released a book this year about his 30 day adventure in gambling. I just saw it in the bookstore yesterday and read a few chapters and it is pretty…
  • 1357111317 Oct 8, 2010 (4 replies)
    The war on card counters Don’t let our mild mannerisms fool you.
  • jinkybhoy Sep 29, 2010 (0 replies)
    Ebay Sale if your interested. Getting the edge at Roulette by C Pawlicki Texas Hold’em poker online Knock out blackjack. Thanks Jinky
  • brandone Sep 26, 2010 (0 replies)
    Outlaw – "I Was Beating a Six-Deck Shoe!"
    Advantage players, we have a new line to laugh at and bring into our vocabulary of classical Hollywood misrepresentation of counting. ‘That’s a six-deck shoe I was beating; No-one beats a six-deck…
  • Dyepaintball12 Aug 21, 2010 (4 replies)
    Poll about "Best Movie Thieves"
    Just saw this on Rottentomatos: Takers debuts on Aug. 27 and profiles a group of criminals. What team of movie thieves do you like best? * Bank robbers from Public Enemies 9% …
  • Dyepaintball12 Jul 20, 2010 (19 replies)
    Rainman Card Counting Clip “No one in the world can count against a 6-deck shoe”
  • Pro21 May 7, 2010 (4 replies)
    Movie – Hit Me
    My local video store is going out of business and everything is $1.99. I picked up a movie called Hit Me (2005). No name actors but supposed to be about a card counting team. Anyone seen it? I…

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