Richard Roeper’s new book on Gambling

  • kewljason


    Quote: Dyepaintball12 said:
    Richard Roeper (the famed movie critic) released a book this year about his 30 day adventure in gambling. I just saw it in the bookstore yesterday and read a few chapters and it is pretty entertaining!

    The concept loses some of the appeal for me. The author isn’t fully invested. There is no real risk involved. He is returning to his safe normal life after 30 days, win, lose or draw. Seems more like we are tagging along on his vacation than anything else. Would be like if an accountant goes down to florida for the yankee’s (or any other major league baseball team’s) dream week and plays baseball for 2 weeks against other 45 year old ‘kids’, and then writes a book about being a baseball player. I need to have the author fully invested, so we feel the emotions of his ups and downs and his ‘risks’ have real meaning. Just my take on it.

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