Impressive concept for online blackjack

  • KenSmith

    Impressive concept for online blackjack

    This is one of the coolest online blackjack concepts I’ve seen. This game uses the semi-anonymous currency BitCoins to play, and claims to be able to prove that it is dealing a fair game. The concept sounds valid to me, although I haven’t researched enough to be able to validate the claim. The principle is simple enough and sounds solid.

    See details at (Link is dead)

    For more on BitCoins, see here:

    It would seem that this addresses both of the common online gambling concerns:
    1) Is the game fairly dealt? Guaranteed so, if the concept is as described.
    2) Will I get paid? I assume that your winning bitcoins are delivered immediately upon the conclusion of each hand. Done deal.

  • zengrifter


    See Zzone for a good primer on Bitcoin – you can even buy illegal drugs online with it – assuming that the
    gambling site is secured with the anonymous TOR protocol there can be no prosecution of the game operator). zg



    Quote: zengrifter said:
    I see that the game is not TOR protected (yet). zg

    Hi! Try it out at http://45apxmr6farbf7bo.onion (Link is dead)

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