Blackjack – Variations

  • shadroch Nov 7, 2011 (3 replies)
    Help with a weird variation.
    I found this at a charity game in Central NJ last week. Six decks, mediocre pen, dealer stands on all 17s, DAS, DOA, resplit Aces to a total of 3 hands, late surrender, BJ pays even money…… …
  • arrando Oct 27, 2011 (8 replies)
    5 card 21
    Hi, I’ve encountered a promotion that automatically pays 2:1 for a 5 or 6 card 21. Wizardofodds says that this is worth 0.24%. Now does anyone know if this would be worth less for the counter…
  • playBJX Sep 11, 2011 (0 replies)
    Triple Draw Blackjack
    Here’s our newest game, in demo form. It’s headed for Facebook next month, and from there, who knows. Probably slot and online is the best fit, but it can be played on felt all the same. This is…
  • TwoHands Sep 11, 2011 (14 replies)
    New Royal 20’s Side Bet
    Hey guys. I haven’t seen any info on if the new version of Royal 20’s is beatable by counting. The payouts are different than the original version. In the original, you could win some of the smaller…
  • Drums5000 Sep 7, 2011 (5 replies)
    SP21 and Red7
    Looking in The Big Book of Blackjack it mentions Red7 and Spanish21…is this a good idea or should I use Hi-Lo instead? Thoughts?
  • tkdkillermiller Aug 27, 2011 (1 reply)
    Expectation troubles
    I’m developing a simulator (which will be for public use when finished) where I’m able to select various rule sets. I’ve seen on the Wizard of Odds site that the expectation for the Aria 6-deck…
  • Menessis Aug 22, 2011 (7 replies)
    Lucky Ladies side bet
    After playing at a Lucky Ladies table becasue it was the only one I could get on I began to wonder how the hi-low count could be used effectivly here? It seems obvious that a hi count would work in…
  • CountOnMe Aug 11, 2011 (0 replies)
    Spanish BS, S17(left) vs H17(right)
  • CountOnMe Aug 11, 2011 (0 replies)
    Spanish BS, Hit17, +/- Redouble
    Red x hit, blue stand, green double, black split. Red x’s are shaded green showing redouble if possible. Chart on right highlights numerical changes w/ redoubling allowed. 5 on a green square…
  • FrankieT Aug 4, 2011 (4 replies)
    Any side counts worth anything in Lucky Ladies?
    Is there a simple side count worth employing using HiLo in a 2d game playing LL10 – something that accounts for the high value of the queen of hearts maybe. Something I was thinking- maybe queen…
  • SuperD Jul 26, 2011 (13 replies)
    Burn 20 Blackjack
    Has anyone heard of this game or know the house edge in this game. I think it was a DD but it may have been a 6-Deck shoe. Rules are as follows: Double any number of cards DAS H17 If dealer has…
  • FrankieT Jul 26, 2011 (20 replies)
    Questions about lucky ladies scenario
    Can anyone answer these fundamental questions for this basic scenario: 2d Hi-Lo 0.8 cut off LL10 What is the EV gained from the side bet if you bet $25×2 at +7 and $50×2 at +8 and…
  • FrankieT Jul 26, 2011 (9 replies)
    Bust it blackjack
    Does this game become profitable at a certain Hi-Lo Index? Bet pays if dealer busts on 3 cards. Bust on 6 15:1 Bust on 7 9:1 Bust on 8 7:1 Bust on 9 5:1 Bust on 10 3:1 Suited 888 200:1 …
  • Bekon Jul 25, 2011 (6 replies)
    Spanish 21 vs Blackjack switch
    Hi, I’ve been playing regular blackjack and blackjack switch recently, and wanted to try the spanish 21 game in Casino Rama, in Ontario Canada. I’m not sure what the rules are there since i…
  • buccobaseball24 Jul 21, 2011 (1 reply)
    In-Between side bet
    The casino I visit often just introduced a new side bet called “in between” where you use your first two cards as the “high” and “low” and then the dealer’s up card has to come in between for you to…
  • FrankieT Jul 17, 2011 (22 replies)
    10 to 1 push bet
    side bet pays 10 to 1 if u push. You can only play half your main bet Obviously a 20/20 push is much more likely to occur the higher the count is there an index for hilo where this becomes…
  • blackjacktilt Jul 13, 2011 (11 replies)
    Another Spanish 21 question
    Has anyone been or known anyone who has been banned from the game for advantage play?
  • blackjacktilt Jul 13, 2011 (3 replies)
    Spanish 21 info request
    I am looking for a chart resembling to what I am about to give an example of below. The rules would be for S17 approx. 85% pen. I have a chart for H17 and without posting too much I’ll show you what…
  • To make it (just a 96 JoB let’s say) a +EV game, you’d have to get enough comped free play. So is it just assumed that everybody who plays this game for enough hours a day will get enough to make it…
  • Slyfox16 Jul 6, 2011 (5 replies)
    (Super) Fun 21
    I am going to be on a cruise that has csm for BJ, but shoe dealt Fun 21. I was wondering if any one had any information on this game and if count counting (Knock Out BJ) would work.

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