Blackjack – Voodoo Strategies

  • Sonny Jul 31, 2007 (0 replies)
    Welcome to the Voodoo Board
    This forum is for learning about “voodoo” blackjack systems like progression systems, streak systems, hot/cold tables or dealers, card clumping, trend analysis, “overdue” systems, etc. Be…
  • adventureboy Feb 12, 2008 (43 replies)
    The Gambler’s Fallacy
    I have been a serious part-time counter for several years. I have given up counting for a while (for various reasons) and have been trying out a system that I have put a lot of thought into. I have…
  • Sonny Oct 1, 2007 (17 replies)
    End profit is not the answer!
    Many people choose to test their betting system through actual play instead of using computer simulations. They feel that actual results will give them a better idea of how well their system really…
  • bejammin075 Dec 9, 2011 (2 replies)
    Any "good" Voodoo/Progression books out there
    Before the forum gets shut down, I was wondering if there are any “good” books on progression systems, or some other logically flawed BJ betting system that I could read to help me channel my inner…
  • sagefr0g Dec 4, 2011 (14 replies)
    funny you should mention that
    was watching a chit chat news show this morning, news folks interviewing doctors about this arsenic in apple juice thing….. got me to pondering toxicology, a subject i know virtually nuthin…
  • We’ve all heard of the martingale fallacy and how it is a common failure. However, I’ve considered doing a limited martingale type only when back counting and when I have an advantage. For…
  • SBT Nov 21, 2011 (32 replies)
    Probability of losing x # of hands in a row
    I am new to this endeavor. I am wondering, has any blackjack player or writer calculated the probability of losing a certain number of hands in a row (given proper execution of Basic Strategy)? I…
  • zengrifter Nov 14, 2011 (14 replies)
    Thinking, Fast and Slow – Intuition is NOT voodoo
    Thinking, Fast and Slow Review by William Easterly / Why even experts must rely on intuition and often get it wrong There have been many good books on human rationality and…
  • whattodo Nov 8, 2011 (21 replies)
    My Introduction and Questions
    I used to play BJ a long time ago and then stopped because of losing too much money, and have recently started again. This time I am trying to do things somewhat more correctly. My biggest…
  • ringlejames Nov 8, 2011 (42 replies)
    Side Counts
    [This has been moved from another thread. – SONNY] AHHHHH Pit Boss: (after seeing me double 2 siff hands from split tens and make 21 on both) “How much did you buy in for” Me:$50 bucks Pit boss:…
  • forest8016 Nov 7, 2011 (1 reply)
    Help me prove a foolish friend wrong!
    My friend has gotten into an argument with me about betting in roulette. He believes betting 1 unit on zeroes (1/19 chance in the long run) and then DOUBLING (lol martingale) every 19 spins would…
  • metronome Oct 28, 2011 (4 replies)
    Speaking of voodoo, this is where I always go BEFORE I head over to the Horseshoe (in the background, how convenient). Just don’t spill any chicken blood on the felt
  • dellam Oct 27, 2011 (2 replies)
    Why close previous thread
    Why did they close my previous thread. I seem to be the only person here with A winning system that couldnt be stooped till the casino took sway the table. Showed u the odds Prove it wrong please
  • Without counting cards….would the following be a (somewhat?) profitable theory to winning money at blackjack? — 1) Bet 5. a) If you win, you just made +5 bucks, repeat step 1. b) If you lose,…
  • Ferretnparrot Oct 18, 2011 (32 replies)
    Elite ploppy basic strategy explained!!
    I could not stop laughing when i stumbled upon this today… Enjoy…
  • daniele35 Oct 10, 2011 (12 replies)
    advise acquire system
    Hi friend, anyone knows this system is for sale on video? be good or fraud? blackjacksecretcode ty daniele
  • Roswell Crash Survivor Oct 4, 2011 (17 replies)
    What do you think of ‘Lucky Objects’/Simple Rituals
    Post this under ‘Voodoo Betting Strategies’ as subject matter is not scientifically/statistically verifiable. According to acknowledged advantage player wisdom, BJ Advantage Play is an more or less…
  • mrboxingfan Oct 3, 2011 (17 replies)
    Making $0.40 to $0.60 cents on the Dollar
    I have came up with my own hi lo counting system. I have been stress testing this for years on real live decks and casino verite including the local sim you have. I rarely lose a session. Due to…
  • googlino Sep 29, 2011 (12 replies)
    Hoyle’s Press, aka Oscar’s Grind: win or lose?
    Hoyle’s Press, aka Oscar’s Grind: This system is designed to win one unit per series. Flat bet until you lose. Then continue to flat bet until a win. At that point, raise your bet one unit and bet at…
  • infiltratioz Sep 25, 2011 (24 replies)
    Beating blackjack
    Hi all, Its so simple to beat blackjack. No need to count and all those bs. In fact, it is so easy you guy would be kicking yourselves over it if you knew. I could only stand in amazement, how…

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