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  • pogostick Sep 24, 2011 (0 replies)
    Pogo poo poo system
    Going back to my old sytem of betting & counting. I had switched from running count to knockout. Knockout is a good system ,but it’s just not for me. A true counter that can wait ,wait wait for…
  • S2krazy03 Sep 21, 2011 (14 replies)
    Dealer Blackjack on first hand
    Ive noticed that it seems like probably 80% (just a wild guess, not actually counting them) of the dealer Ace up cards that happen on the first hand are blackjacks. Is there any math to go with…
  • I have a hard time believing the c – A in NRS when it is positive could produce a positive advantage still? Can anyone explain to me how this is possible? Perhaps give me a reason, or an intuitive…
  • blackjacktilt Aug 17, 2011 (28 replies)
    No Voodoo posts in 4 days What the hell is going on!!!!
  • AussiePlayer Jul 16, 2011 (30 replies)
    Does anyone know who’s site this is? He dispells progressions, says that counting is the only way to beat the casinos (correct so far) then guarantees winning $1000 a day minimum! (not exactly…
  • 21gunsalute Jul 14, 2011 (8 replies)
    Just out of curiosity…
    Did anyone take up NumberCruncher on his offer and fly out to see how his “system” worked?
  • Frankduc Jul 13, 2011 (15 replies)
    Yahoo Blackjack
    Hi, First i would like to know if using Yahoo games blackjack is a good way to practice. Is the game similar to any other blackjack online where you need to pay to play? Second, if someone…
  • Daggers Jul 12, 2011 (13 replies)
    my hopefully successul system?
    Hey, i thought of a system a while ago for betting. Everytime you lose, you double your bet so that you make up for the loss each time. If your bet is $10 and you lose then you bet $20. If you lose…
  • jomoats Jul 12, 2011 (14 replies)
    In defense of progression systems.
    All players use some sort of progression system. Counters use a progression based on the count. If a counter bets only during a plus count, he could even win flat betting. If they play all…
  • 21gunsalute Jul 11, 2011 (39 replies)
    I’m asking that you please reopen the thread “Another Modified Martingale “. I wanted to hear mikeinjersey’s explanation as to how he can win $500 using this system. I mean there really isn’t much…
  • Daggers Jul 11, 2011 (28 replies)
    New here
    Hey, im new here i’ve been looking around on this site for quite a while and decided to make an account. I’ve come up with a good system but i don’t know if it’ll work cuz im under 21 (not going to…
  • I was thinking that maybe you can use Probability to get an accurate estimation of how much money and how many tries you need in order to get 99% success rate if you always keep betting twice your…
  • mikeinjersey Jul 9, 2011 (14 replies)
    Another Modified Martingale
    You start with $4000 Bet Amount | Total amount lost if hand lost | Total amount won if hand won 1.) $50 | -$50 | +$50 2.) $100 | -$150 | +$50 3.) $150 | -$300 | +$0 4.) $200 | -$500 | -$100 5.)…
  • ok, due to the overwhelming amount of spam/negativity/incorrect assumptions in this thread, i am reclarifying the purpose of this thread. nothing is for sale here. the purpose of this thread is to…
  • p8ntballsk8r Jul 3, 2011 (42 replies)
    Reverse the Martingale for a betting progression
    So the Martingale has been proven over and over to lose a lot of money. What if, we turn this system upside down and into a betting progression. Find a table that will let you spread 1-20 units. …
  • tallmanvegas Jul 3, 2011 (56 replies)
    Hot table- any studies
    Any validity of “hot tables” out there. As I was playing this weekend, I started my first session 1 on 1 in high limits. The dealer seemed to be not in a good mood as I tried some small talk. After…
  • FrankieT Jun 29, 2011 (2 replies)
    AP blackjack Joe Pesci style
    Anybody ever used his system before? Amazingly effective.
  • Caesar Jun 25, 2011 (8 replies)
    Betting on Blackjack by Frits Dunki-Jacobs
    Has anyone read or used the betting strategy he advocates?
  • tallmanvegas Jun 25, 2011 (98 replies)
    Oscar grinders
    Any Oscar grinders out there? How is your year going? Tallman
  • tallmanvegas Jun 19, 2011 (21 replies)
    Serious non counting blackjack
    Has anyone used Leonard bernsons program such as serious non counting blackjack or any other of his programs? Tallman

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