Police Brutality in Russian Casino…

  • creeping panther


    Quote: jaygruden said:
    Some things to consider when you ply your AP skills in Russia……..


    This is why we must remain vigilante as AP’s in the U.S. so this does not happen here without serious repercussions. I always say to AP’s don’t be Pussys, stand up for your rights. This is also why I viewed the FK situation with such alarm.

    Yes, this was very disturbing scene, wish I knew more about it. I would have loved to have seen those cops get beat badly, in time I hope they do.


  • Friendo


    Quote: creeping panther said:
    This is why we must remain vigilante as AP’s

    I guess it wouldn’t hurt to be vigilante, but most APs believe that being vigilant is also good, and probably less hassle from a legal perspective.

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