Hidden safe found in Bill’s casino

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    Hidden safe found in Bill’s casino



    My name is Jordan Laub, and my dad purchased Bill’s casino, which is located in between mont bleu and harrah’s casino in south lake tahoe, nv. we have found a safe behind a fake wall in the casino. The original owner of the casino was killed in 1986 in a car bomb explosion said to be conducted by the New York mafia over a debt he never repaid. The contents of the safe, or who owned it are a mystery, but we believe that whatever is in the safe holds great value, because anyone who would build a wall around it, was really trying to protect it. Here is a link to the front page of the Tahoe daily tribune.. which feature’s both the death article, and the safe. stay tuned for the update, reddit will be the first to know what, if anything, is in the safe… I will be there with my camera taking both video and photos of the opening before the newspaper gets to it http://www.tahoedailytribune.com/article/20110819/NEWS/110819816/1056&parentprofile=1056

    Edit: Another photo for you guys http://i.imgur.com/fieed.jpg

    Edit: i’m leaving now to go take some pics to prove i am the owner of both the building and the safe… ill be back in 1t5† …here they are! http://imgur.com/a/g41o2

    Edit i am going to bed now, it is four in the morning. goodnight, i will open the safe when we get the blow torch… i will ask my dad tomorrow morning exactly when that will be, no i am not worried about the mafia.

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    i will open the safe when we get the blow torch

    Wow! This has got to be the stupidest idea I have EVER heard – opening a safe with a blow-torch!

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