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Originally Posted by zengrifter
Probably not, though AutoMonk says that a 1-20 spread gives the 6:5 games an acceptable SCORE. And 6:5 games are great for frontloading (holecard play). zg
It does, but you need to use a Zen count (Unbalanced Zen will work, Unbalanced Zen Halves {-1,1,2,2,3,2,1,0,-1,-2} is ideal), [I]and[I] there can't be more than 2 hands in the game. This analysis I did to compare the 6:5 games to the shoe games in AC, turns out there isn't much difference for straight counting. But the 6:5 games there are very crowded (and all use autoshufflers) so it's not a worthwhile approach.
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