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Originally Posted by Mackhack
how many decks are you playing in those mentioned casinos where you are able to keep track?
Either two or six, depending on the casino. The methods that I use are most effective against DD and 6D games.

Originally Posted by Mackhack
Which method to you use? Key card?
For sequencing I usually use a double-key method, although I may use a single-key method if I am also tracking the ace through the shuffle. For shuffle tracking I just use simple cutoff tracking or shuffle mapping (sometimes called “zone tracking”) described in my "imbeciles" series. It all depends on the casino. I'll try to get away with as much as I can based on their procedures.

Originally Posted by Mackhack
I read the more decks the easier the keep track. Can you confirm that?
It’s actually a toss-up. More decks makes it more difficult to sequence because there are more false key cards. However, the shuffles are usually simpler on the 6- and 8-deck games which makes them more susceptible. A single-deck game can easily be shuffled thoroughly (untrackable) with just a few moves while a 6-deck game will require much more work to mix the cards sufficiently. Sequencing becomes more difficult but also more likely to occur as you add decks. Being able to track the slug through the shuffle will allow you to reduce the number of false key cards greatly.

I’ll never forget the Western dealer who riffled the deck twice then held it out for me to cut. I almost sh@t myself! He was obviously clueless but I sequenced that single-deck game for about 20 minutes before he left. I never did see that guy again. Other than that one anomaly I have mostly sequenced DD games and tracked 6D games. Those are the games that are the easiest for my strategies.

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