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Originally Posted by Team 18 View Post
Hey guys, I'm new this is my first thread
I have a few queries about the I18

How much of an advantage does it give you if you follow the deviations?
For 6 decks, about 0.2%; more for double/single deck games.

(Going from memory here - someone will correct me if I'm wrong.)

Is there anywhere I can find what you exactly need to do
Like 10 vs 10 with a count of 4, what do you do? Double down?
Index tables. See any blackjack book which discusses the system you're interested in.

Also, can you explain the advantage of not hitting a 15 vs 10 with a count of 4. Surely even if you stick because a 10 card is likely to come and bust you, the dealer will get that 10 card anyway and make a twenty ...
15v10 is a loser hand either way. In high enough counts, you lose less often if you stand against a 10, but you'll still lose more than half the time.
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