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  1. Team 18

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    Hey guys, I'm new this is my first thread
    I have a few queries about the I18

    How much of an advantage does it give you if you follow the deviations?

    Is there anywhere I can find what you exactly need to do
    Like 10 vs 10 with a count of 4, what do you do? Double down?

    Also, can you explain the advantage of not hitting a 15 vs 10 with a count of 4. Surely even if you stick because a 10 card is likely to come and bust you, the dealer will get that 10 card anyway and make a twenty (European 'no hole card' rules)

  2. Friendo

    Friendo Well-Known Member

    For 6 decks, about 0.2%; more for double/single deck games.

    (Going from memory here - someone will correct me if I'm wrong.)

    Index tables. See any blackjack book which discusses the system you're interested in.

    15v10 is a loser hand either way. In high enough counts, you lose less often if you stand against a 10, but you'll still lose more than half the time.
  3. Team 18

    Team 18 New Member

    thankssss big help :)

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