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Old December 11th, 2011, 08:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Marlin View Post
We were there also and we counted 8 ASM tables currently down from the previous 16 a couple months ago. Six of the eight are all in one pit.

About midday the ASM tables were full and the CSM and electronic tables were empty but as the night went on there were so damn many people playing the electronic and CSM tables last night i would not be surprised to see them put them in every pit. I didn't notice any more heat than normal.

One pit having all ASM is the iTable pit. The computer can take care of the counter detection there.

For all other pits, the three person crew (one pit boss and two junior staff) are concentrating on the only ASM table in their pit. At least two are watching and counting that only table that needs to be watched. Normally they stand from a distance. But if you watch their lips, you can see they are counting! All other CSM tables are in auto-pilot. These tables only need occasional attention from the junior to approve chips transactions.

Yes, there is no heat right now because they just want to know which players are AP in the first step.
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