The Rivers Casino Extreme Makeover

Discussion in 'Eastern USA' started by BJgenius007, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. BJgenius007

    BJgenius007 Well-Known Member

    It looks like The Rivers just hires someone from Atlantic City and has a complete makeover in the past few weeks. Now they have converted most Blackjack tables to all different varieties of table games even BJ is the most popular game in the Rivers. Weeks ago, you can't find a seat at the BJ table on weekend. After the makeover, most of the survived BJ tables now use CSM. Before the conversion, 50% of BJ tables use ASM and the other 50% use CSM. Now it is 10% vs 90%.

    The Rivers now becomes the worst PA casino. And it shows that people know. Even ploppies know not to play CSM. Usually you cannot find a seat on Friday night. But tonight most of the tables are empty or have only one or two customers. I overheard one ploppie making a comment, "What did they do to this place? Now most tables are using Continuous Shuffling Machine."

    Anyone care to comment on casinos near Philadelphia? I hope this is an isolated case.
  2. plainplayer

    plainplayer Active Member

    Rivers' substantial weekday lunch hour crowd is not the least bit discriminating as to a preference for shoes -vs- CSMs.
  3. tthree

    tthree Banned

    Everybody knows the CSMs mess up the flow of the cards. It is way worse than someone taking the dealer bust card. Only the degenerate ploppies don't know or care about this ploppy wisdom. I am guessing you don't talk to other players at the tables. Whenever I am in a casino that has too many CSMs this topic comes up when I play. Few go away uninformed. Over time you can see the change in ploppy thinking and even later the change back from so many CSMs. ;)
  4. Marlin

    Marlin Active Member


    Damn bad news there. That is one of my favorite places to play. We had not been there in about a month and had even seen a few months back were they had changed a couple tables from CSM to ASM's and thought at that time maybe they were trending towards a better game in light of Cleveland opening soon. So much for thinking on our part.

    I told the wife to lay off those lucky ladies but she never listen's to me .... :grin:

    So much for PA's self proclamation to having the best game.

  5. aslan

    aslan Well-Known Member

    Would complaints to the gaming commission by ploppies regarding CSMs cause the commission to encourage the casinos to use them less, since their unpopularity both influences state profits and casts state regulation in a poor light? This may be a way out conjecture, but if so, would the casinos then counter with, "We will take out the CSMs if you will permit us to have more house advantageous rules, such as, no surrender and H17. The reason I say this, is that my instinct tells me that the casinos are relentlessly angling to get more house favorable rules similar to what they have in most other states.
  6. Coyote

    Coyote Well-Known Member

    That will save me a trip downtown!
    On to Meadows......
  7. BJgenius007

    BJgenius007 Well-Known Member

    The good news is that the Meadows stays the same. So the Rivers is the only one changed, for now.

    And it is a great news for ploppies. Now most of the BJ tables at the Rivers are $5 minimal table with CSM.
  8. BJgenius007

    BJgenius007 Well-Known Member

    I went to the Rivers this weekend. This is what I found:

    Now there is only one ASM BJ table for each pit. So the crew are concentrating on one table only. I think the Rivers try to put a profile which regulars are AP. They don't back off AP now, but they put detailed notes into the computer. If you are a counter, avoid the Rivers like a plague until they change the configuration of tables. Right now they put CSM on almost all BJ tables. And for remaining few ASM BJ tables, they put three people watching and counting with you.
  9. aslan

    aslan Well-Known Member

    Three people? What three people? How did you arrive at that conclusion?
  10. Marlin

    Marlin Active Member


    We were there also and we counted 8 ASM tables currently down from the previous 16 a couple months ago. Six of the eight are all in one pit.

    About midday the ASM tables were full and the CSM and electronic tables were empty but as the night went on there were so damn many people playing the electronic and CSM tables last night i would not be surprised to see them put them in every pit. I didn't notice any more heat than normal.

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  11. BJgenius007

    BJgenius007 Well-Known Member

    One pit having all ASM is the iTable pit. The computer can take care of the counter detection there.

    For all other pits, the three person crew (one pit boss and two junior staff) are concentrating on the only ASM table in their pit. At least two are watching and counting that only table that needs to be watched. Normally they stand from a distance. But if you watch their lips, you can see they are counting! All other CSM tables are in auto-pilot. These tables only need occasional attention from the junior to approve chips transactions.

    Yes, there is no heat right now because they just want to know which players are AP in the first step.

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