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    A look at Down Town LV

    Agree with MJGolf - the Spaniard upped their minimums and only deal two rounds. Not like it was 6 or so months ago. I would say Plaza, DTG and GN for DD play. Be warned about DTG and back offs. I can't comment on Plaza and their heat level. (fyi, you can't double after split in the DD games at...
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    Our BJ "family" in NYC

    I have not heard from Flash lately, but do have his contact info. I may drop him a text message. I always thought his heart was in the right place, but mentally he may have been struggling as of late.
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    Our BJ "family" in NYC

    WTF ? I'm an upstate New Yorker and gotta ask, do you have some type of mental condition from vast drug use, glue sniffing or eating red clay? It seems your posts over the years continue to paint you as a homeless person living in a van on a beach somewhere. Just curious, are you the same...
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    The Silver Fox count system

    I have used Silver Fox and Hi-low for almost 15 years. I see little difference between the two counts and my insurance has been 75% accurate (maybe 70%). The negative swings have killed me the last 3 trips to LV and Wendover. Math was solid, but cards didn't fall to my advantage. I play mostly...
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    Sweat Levels at Treasure Island and Stratosphere

    TI sucks. Decent game, no vibe in HL a a morgue. I played 1/2 hr, picked up a few bucks and left. Strat can be fun and will want you to win if you act like a tourist. Play the part and you'll be okay.
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    Reno 2018

    Don't forget Boomtown......double on any first two cards. A little sweaty, but you can get the money out there.
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    Niagara Fallsview Casino Now Has 6 Decks Instead of 8

    Thanks for the update. No. have not heard of anyone being backed off there. How's the pen?
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    25 year look back...1993 trip up the strip

    I would take any of those casino's today........
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    Message boards have reopened

    Nice to have the forum going again!! It's been a long time in coming. Thanks for opening up the forum again. I hope more folks join in and we get some great discussions going.
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    Don't approach suspected AP's in a casino! I got backed off!!

    Please for the sake of longevity for both of us……DON’T approach another person you believe to be an AP or counting!! I was recently backed off at my local store and I’m positive this person that kept coming up to me while I was playing and whispering advise and meet me later **** in my ear...
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    Selective casino conditions update needed

    The single deck at the Strat is 6:5.....others are 3:2. The DD game as others have said is on watch if betting large. The bikini pit dealers in the back are always fun to gawk at and play 5 bucks a hand for a few drinks. They make a lot of mistakes, paying on pushes, not taking your...
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    Quick Trip to Reno

    Nice report......thanks for taking the time to share. Reno has some good games at your stakes and more. Seems like you nailed more than a few places in the short time you were there.
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    Wtf is kj doing back here???

    Wow, a lot of drama going on. I will also add my comments, since others have also. I think Jason brings value to this board from his posts. That being said, I felt bad when I read of his passing. But then I found out he faked it?? Not cool, at all levels! I felt like the guy that had been...
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    Wheeling Island table games dead? post to much info on good games and the locations. Knock the crap off already. forgot another DD game in Hogensburg NY. Can we now just stop the thread?
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    I am tired of Turning Stone.

    If those's clowns treat you good, they would have to do it for others.....and that won't happen. They know they're the only game in town and can get away with treating people the way they do. Side note.....they must have evaluated their comp system and really cheapened it up. I used to get a...