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    Snowstorm possible in Atlantic City this weekend

    FWIW, there isn't going to be a snowstorm this weekend.
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    Harrah's Chester Pa

    It's unremarkable, but better than most games in AC. Cutting off 1.5-2/8 recently. $25 tables are easy to find a seat at, $10-$15 tables usually have a <15-30min wait.
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    The Kelly Criterion is your friend. :grin:
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    can anyone recommend a sportsbook?

    How much money are you planning on depositing, if you don't mind me asking? If it is a small amount (<$2000), you are better off sending a wire to Gold Pay and depositing into Matchbook. Lines there are essentially vig-free, but of course are sharp since it is a market. Assuming you are trying...
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    Progress on online gambling?

    Maybe I am being dense, but how would an electronic marketplace lead to better games? Outside of bonus hunting?
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    Progress on online gambling?

    Wouldn't online table games be a net negative to the beatable B&M games that are available now? Much like the BJ machines that are more palatable to younger people now?
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    Mt. Airy now has Surrender

    Sadly, that is generally true
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    Changes in ac this week

    Maybe I'm naive, but I don't see ploppies giving a flip between a six deck and an eight deck game. I've never heard a single non-counter say they won't play a game because it is eight deck.
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    Spanish 21 book

    I got it recently on Amazon
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    Poll: Blackjack Bankroll

    This is probably a dumb question, but what about replenishable bankrolls? I have a vague amount of money I can spend on discretionary stuff, of which blackjack is one. I put 3k in the poll, but over the course of the year, it is much larger than that, but at any one time, I wouldn't want to go...
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    Dr. Pepper Rule: Mr. Renzey?

    I just looked at the book and it clearly states that hitting T2 v. 4 is correct except in eight deck games.
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    Delaware Casinos

    I didn't actually read the signs, I just saw the play being made.
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    Delaware Casinos

    This was not true yesterday.
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    Hitting a 4th card...

    I'm still learning, so pardon me if this is a noob question, but doesn't the TC take into account composition dependent strategy for shoe games? IOW, you don't need composition dependent strategy because the TC tells you the approximate composition of the remaining shoe.
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    To 6D or not 6D?

    Not with five decks already in the tray.