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    High roller, low min table ownership.

    A $150 to $500 bets makes you a high roller in some smaller casinos especially in the Reno and lake tahoe area. In vegas they could put a $500 bet as the minimum bet but in Reno it is a max bet a lot of places. As for the high roller not wanting you to play you should say to him that I want...
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    Thanks Ken and to everyone who has contributed

    zengrifter posted over 10,000 times on this site now that is dedication.
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    Discussion of other BJ Forum Sites

    New message board. here is a place the wizard of odds where you can find information on house edges and discuss gambling. So come on zengrifter the guy who posted more than 10,000 times and everybody else over to the wizard of odds.
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    Probability of losing x # of hands in a row

    Dealer wins 48 percent of the time player wins 44 percent of the time the other 8 percent it is a push. What is the number of losing hands that you are trying to figure out? Lets say that you throw out pushes you lose approximately 52.174% of your hands so take that number to the power of x...
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    Hit or stay on 16

    Hitting a 16 vs a 7 is significantly better than staying. Hitting a 16 vs a 10 is only marginally better. With 16 you are going to lose most of your hands no matter how you play it you are going to bust the hand 62% if you hit it. But the 38% of the time that you draw a hand you will be...
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    So, what are the most common BJ game rules?

    Be willing to play two deck over one deck if 2 deck pays 3:2 and one deck pays 6:5. Even if you can't double after a split on the two deck.
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    This is what casino surveillance uses to catch counters?!?!

    Most players don't know how to play a pair of 9's including casino personal so he might be telling the player how he would play the hand.
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    What are the odds of tourning 1,000 in too 11,000-12,000?

    On Saturday I was playing a blackjack tournament at the Cal-Neva against a whole bunch of other players. The top 10 players for the day get to advance to the semi finals and you are playing against all tables in the tournament not just your own table. Plus there was a wild card drawing for...
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    Question re: a BJ "Promo(tion)"

    Cap? I bet that the match plays have a cap on the value at say $5-$25 per hand. But picking up match plays are always nice.
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    6 to 5 for a Blackjack: Basic Strategy Chart?

    Why play 6:5 when you could play with 2 plus decks and get 3:2? The Stragedy does not change by the way if you do play it.
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    Better BJ player

    Getting to $5,000 from $500 is extremely hard.
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    DEALER Bankroll

    In Nevada the gaming commiston makes the Casino carry enough money in the cages to cover every bet in case they lost all the bets. Even know that is almost mathimatically impossible.
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    Big bettors at your table...GOOD or BAD?

    Big betters are fun! They are awesome to give advice too! If you are lucky maybe you can make prop bets with them that give you a big edge. Like betting on the dealer making a hand. Or finishing a double that they did not complete. Maybe if you are lucky he will toss you a chip or two.
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    Win tolerance?

    Each casino is different in that respect. Some casino owners have really deep pockets where a few thousand dollar win is just the cost of doing business and they don't really care that much where as other casinos would totally freakout on a few thousand dollar win. For instance the Siena in...
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    How much do you walk into the casino with?

    The ATM fee for one! I think I was hit with an $8 ATM fee last time I used a casino ATM and they don't charge a flat fee they charge more money for taking out more money. That was the last time I ever used a casino ATM.