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  • SmartPlay BlackJack is a state-of-the-art, revolutionary, software program that plays online BlackJack with a precision strategy without any human intervention. It plays odds similar to the odds posted to www.wizardofodds.com


    It recognizes the hands that are dealt to you, the dealers card, analyzes the strength of the hand as compared to the dealer, calculates the probability of winning and the action it should take.

    It can play thousands of hands and is exciting to watch as it doubles down on 11, splits Aces, and occasionally hits BLACKJACK!

    Imagine your pc making money for you while you're at work, EVEN WHILE YOU SLEEP!. Imagine a long hard day at work and when you return home your pc has won $500 without you doing anything. The possibilities are endless

    The software allows you, the user to configure the strategy.
    Out-of-the box it plays the odds based on the matrix at
    http://wizardofodds.com/blackjack to the right of the webpage.

    It also allows the user to set when the blackjack bot leaves the table.
    It knows how much it is up and down and can leave when the desired profit is reached. During the course of a 3 day run it won 54% of its hands and won approximately .20 per hand (playing $1 per hand)... The key is that while the profit margin per hand is low it never deviates from its strategy as a human would when playing 1000 hands + Thus in the 3 day stint it won $300
    playing 1500 hands.

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