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    Mohegan Sun - ID Policy

    Oh my God, 20 year olds gambling! What is this world coming too! Won't somebody please think of the children!?!!??!
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    I wouldn't feel so bad if I just lost...

    Ah feels like a gypsy curse when going through negative variance, hand after hand of seemingly absurd losses with big bets out. Good thing is it feels like the universe is aligned and in perfect order when going through + variance, dealer busting hand after hand, shooting up 100+ units in a...
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    I wouldn't feel so bad if I just lost...

    Sounds like my last few extended trips to AC. Even or up the first couple of days, then lose it the last. As aslan mentioned, have thought to myself if fatigue and a lack of enthusiasm on the last day has something to do with it.
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    Mount Airy Pocono

    Good point about that place. Its still the only casino I know where some of the dealer still calls out a player surrender :laugh::confused: They've gotten less stupid about it lately kind of. And they consider surrendering an AP move.
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    Mount Airy Pocono

    Just don't spread to x40 there like I did. No way I could bet less than a $100 at a high count. Couldn't help myself :o
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    This is what casino surveillance uses to catch counters?!?!

    Better off to assume in general that our opponents are smart and dedicated. But of course in reality this is often not the case. Just need to think through how most companies hire and treat their employees, its "expensive" retaining talented and experienced employees.
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    General Info. about Sands Casino in Bethlehem

    If your someone from Harlem or Newark, you might be conditioned to prefer I78 over I80 due to the State Police :) :laugh: As Jacob mentioned, they all seem to be all at Plaza!
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    Oh how mean

    Ploppies also freak out if you all of a sudden spread to two hands and play the LL and catch two suited 20's :laugh: They also curse you out when the table starts losing. Old asian lady to me after a bad shoe "Why you spread two hands! You make everyone lose!" :rolleyes:
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    Hit or stay on 16

    Not the %, but more importantly the EV.
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    General Info. about Sands Casino in Bethlehem

    It does have that many tables, and they are always crowded, although they keep some some sections closed on a weekday. Closest casino to NYC (maybe Mt. Airy is closer?), busloads of gamblers from Chinatown. I think main reason why Sands would get more of the Chinatown crowd than Mt. Airy is...
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    eastern Pa

    The casinos aren't nearly as crazily busy as when they first opened. In most of these casinos, you can find uncrowded $25 tables, and quite frequently empty/near empty tables almost all of the time. Sands being the biggest exception.
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    Thinking, Fast and Slow - Intuition is NOT voodoo

    Your boss isn't completely wrong, might be more right than wrong. Having worked in the corporate world myself, too many people are paralyzed by indecision and are too risk averse.
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    Where to fly into in PA ?

    Sands: ASMs, 8D $15-$25, 6D $50+. Crowded even on a weekday Mt. Airy: 6D/8D, ASMs. Craptastic pen Mo Sun: 6D hand shuffled and CSMs. Relatively few BJ tables compared to above
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    Degenerate gamblers

    Makes me think about Billy Walters. Guy was (and still kind of is) a degenerate gambler. Went broke many times, bet and lost his house to gambling, wife left him, etc., an extraordinarily pathetic man at one point in his life. Makes me think if a degenerate gambler does eventually turn to AP...
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    sugarhouse heat

    Taking a guess, but this was a little whiles back? Early on in the PA casinos, whenever someone surrendered, ploppies would freak out, screeching, jumping up and down, running madly around in circles, flinging their feces like apes who just spotted a jaguar. It used to be only old grandpas...