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    Useful BJ Apps for iPhone and iPod Touch

    I just looked up this app. Looks like the company removed the "stealth mode" on it. Some of the reviewers think that they did this because it's illegal to have an electronic device that helps your play.(as you noted).
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    'Dice Control' Denounced

    Honestly I'm not too worried about the other people. I was just curious on what people might think. I'll probably either pretend that I don't know what I am doing or say something about the table being just "too cold" to bet with the shooter. I'll be in Vegas in a few weeks with some friends...
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    'Dice Control' Denounced

    So i wasn't sure if you were joking or not....but I tried this out. After about 25 minutes of playing nickels on every roll like you said(including the initial Pass Line bet I have to make on that link), I am up $105. This could just be pure chance because of the small sample, but you might...
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    'Dice Control' Denounced

    It's top secret apparently. haha. maybe it's practice?
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    The "New Improved" JStat Site ...

    I'm curious how the Mini Bac Count works out too. Maybe someone will try it out.
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    Unbalanced Zen II

    Could you explain depth bets a little bit? I found a link on it here. However I'm still kind of lost on how to do it. Or could you point me in the direction of finding out more info on it? Thanks.
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    FINALLY somebody said it. It was driving me insane reading that. I just felt bad being a "new guy" and pointing it out.
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    Lucky Ladies roundup

    gotcha. thanks.
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    The Sahara Las Vegas

    Ya. I guess I could have stated that they might have changed it since i was last there... Honestly I don't plan on being there long at all. Just want to get some more practice in casino experience without killing my trip bankroll. I figured a $1 place was good to do that at. I agree with...
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    Lucky Ladies roundup

    Ya, I saw that you posted that you bet $25(which is typically the maximum) in multiple threads on this site and I figured on doing the same when the count was right. And while statistically they are meaningless because of the sample size, i was more just curious on how he did with KO or if...
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    The Sahara Las Vegas

    ive never paid a rake at the Sahara and I've played there a few times. in fact i was there 6 months ago. cashed in $100 and got $100 back in chips. They NEVER asked for a time rake.
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    Lucky Ladies roundup

    have you found any success when using KO on this bet? I was thinking about trying this out in Vegas next month. Also, does anyone know the casinos in Vegas that offer this side bet? I've been searching google and only found Slots-A-Fun. Everything else is just analysis(which is a good read)...
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    The Sahara Las Vegas

    i was there six months ago and i remember it being the same as nighthawk listed. i will be going back to vegas in a month and if the question is still unanswered, i can update. i plan on practicing a bit at those tables before moving onto red chips somewhere else.
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    Money counters (with counterfeit detection)

    True. But wouldn't they have to prove you didn't know?(Not debating moral thoughts here...just legality). Also I'm assuming it's just one or two that you got on accident, not a stack of them that you "came across" :grin:.
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    A Rookie in Vegas

    I'm in the same boat. I have BS down and can count a deck from 20-25 seconds. However have some rough patches in the casino because of distractions and speed of dealing...getting better though. I am going to be in Vegas mid march so I plan on playing the $5 tables there pretty much the whole trip.