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  • Dunno about the casino on the pass, that would be a nice diversion.

    Entry is $25, with 2 $25 rebuys possible if you get there early enough.
    Funny story regarding the tip boxes on the NQ shuttle. Nice job on 4th place at the BJ tourney! What is the entry fee? I should check it out next time.

    I've never been to Tulalip casino. I'll make sure to stop in there next time I go to Seattle. I'm not too familiar with any other casinos in the area. Are they still planning on building a casino near Snoqualmie Pass?
    muckleshoot supposedly had been the #1 western wa casino prior to tulalip taking the title, and we just assumed the quality would therefore be comparable. Not so much. Tulalip is a gorgeous facility and we did well there. I just played NQ last tuesday, the quarterly BJ tournament was there (came in 4th, my first money finish) and I have to agree it's a great place to play. I hate the current parking situation, but it's temporary.

    I had to laugh, they had installed tip boxes on all the shuttle vans, and I had to think to myself... you MAKE me ride a shuttle to get to my car and you want a TIP? I don't think so... Pretty presumptuous.
    Yeah, I kinda thought the same thing about Muckleshoot. It's the only casino I've been to in the Seattle area. I think I broke even at BJ and then got stupid and played video poker and lost more than I should. I normally don't play bad games but we were on vacation and just having fun. Anyway...I much prefer NQ.
    Yes I have and couldn't stand it. I felt like it was really seedy, and of course my experience was tainted by about the worst streak of luck I ever had. Lost $1000 in less than 30 minutes. Saying I got my ass kicked would be generous. They decimated me.
    Ever play Muckleshoot in Auburn,Wa? Not a bad place to play either but from an AP standpoint I think NQ is much better.
    Well I am not an AP yet... but it's nice having a decent place to play. I agree on the parking. We were pissed when we showed up, there was a concert and they blocked off anything close. But the shuttles were plentiful and quick, so no biggie.
    Yeah..the hotel should be nice. Stopped there this summer on the way back from Seattle and the parking situation was a mess... but they has shuttles so it was ok. Was only there for an hour or so and walked out 20 units up. Not bad I guess. The pen was decent but the tables were crowed as it was a weekend. Would like to hit it on a weekday and see what happens.
    Yes I enjoy Northern Quest and also do well there. I will be interested to see their renovations when completed. Once the hotel is done we will probably go more frequently...
    Hey Jeff,

    I'm over the hill in Missoula,MT. Ever play at Northern Quest? Not too many good games in the NW unfortunately...but I have had some success there.


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