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    Choosing a counting system for Single deck

    s.d NOT the same these days especially with the added negative rules. Most pros avoiding sd for other quality games with stay 17,doa, and double on two,and surrender.You will lack these all these positive rules,and get serious heat.
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    surrender/any strategies

    or simply go by the norm of 9,7,10,6vs 9,10,a:9,6,10,5 vs 10. input by all please,Mayor I know you like playing where surrender is available to get an extra edge,its amazing how many serious players do not .
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    Poll questions -- your input requested

    perhaps also in the poll, would include- -ever done team play -how many days straight have you won without a loss Good idea though,keep us updated.
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    Movie tip - LOOKIN' TO GET OUT

    Boilerroom...was amazing,,agree Also check out Prime gig,,,superb too.
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    Movie tip - LOOKIN' TO GET OUT

    other great bjack movies Grifters,boiler room,casino,and of course rainman. One late session I was informed by the head pit,to give it all you got lets see how you do. The challenge was taken. So occasionally we do get the chances. While playing in Canada they even had a sign,counters welcome...
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    2-Deck(?) Pitch BJ

    Re: Eureka! (and deja'vu) Yes ,the so called dd game that uses 8 decks(or maybe more) is a scam that many casinos try to pull(no signs either). This is where many bjack websites should try to stop instead of teaching more about conting-already enough skilled players. A good one zen and others...
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    players card

    When one has a players card, do the casinos keep track of the wins? Have received some comments lately from the casino staff about how I win every time. Its good to help others to a degree as remember the more people that knowthe game well, the better chance the game gets worse, as its the bad...