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When one has a players card, do the casinos keep track of the wins? Have received some comments lately from the casino staff about how I win every time.

Its good to help others to a degree as remember the more people that knowthe game well, the better chance the game gets worse, as its the bad players money we are taking.

but hey a little help for 1000 an hour is decent though.

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>When one has a players card, do the casinos keep track of the wins?

I am sure this varies by casino. I am sure many casinos do keep track of both wins and losses. You can take advantage of this by only giving the boss your card *after* you have lost a bundle and they have seen it.

Re: players card-YES

YES, wins ARE tracked, as are losses - if you can pocket 3-15u per session/hour you can negate this factor - many times I have "converted" a win of 20u into a loss of 20u, and verified same when my host shows me my player reading. zg


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Re: players card-YES

Can you say what it takes to get a free night or a free flight as a comp?

I thought the card counter is supposed to try to be unnoticed, "convert" their chips to hide a winning session, and never bring attention to their play. Yet on this site it seems that its good to be carded for the comps...but doesn't that kind of blow one's cover, allow casinos to document your winnings and losses, flood your home with obnoxious telemarketing promotions and useless junkmail?
Also, doesn't every place have its own card so unless you play at the casinos for which you have a card, you won't necessarily get much of anything but free meals and drinks?

So far I think I have kept fairly anonymous since I really value my privacy. But I'm willing to be convinced that the benefits are really worth it and to be worth it, I would have to get a reduced or free plane ticket ( from Ohio) and a couple of free nights at, let's say, the Golden Nugget.
Re: players card-ITS A FINE LINE

ITS A FINE LINE, in that up to and exceeding 20% of your potential win can be realized in comps - if you only play $5u then the comps will pay for all of your minimal meal requirements - if you play $25u you will look suspicious NOT to have a Pcard - this is where multipleIDs can come in handy, though there are many cautions to be aware of if you use multipleIDs in a casino venue - often I use friends to get Pcards in their names - and don't knock the promo offers, they can be quite generous. Recommended book - MRubin's 'Comp City'
I hate that obnoxious junk mail

The casinos are always sending me mail with coupons that can be exchanged for free money. It gets to be tiresome, to have to go to a casino every couple of weeks, and collect a couple $100 in freebies. Why can't they just leave me alone?

Not aware of any joints doing telemarketing, but I guess someone could call, and I would just hang up on them like I do everybody else.

In most places, you raise more attention by not having or refusing to get a card, then you avoid by remaining anon.

If the free comps and offers you do get become too annoying, let me know and I will take them off your hands.

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On sarcasm and humor on message boards

I am not sure your sarcasm was pure enough to really drive home your point. I think that some people might think you are speaking from your heart, about your deep resentment at receiving free money. After all, who among us hasn't winced at the pain of opening a free offer for a room from a casino, only to realize that they have to visit that casino to redeem it.

Message boards do not have the ability to translate either humor or saracsm well, and hence a disclaimer is usually necessary to warn the reader.

But thanks for the smile,

In my own case...

In my own case, I rarely see the offers in the mail because each time I receive a Pcard I typicall use a PHONEY ADDRESS (phoneyID) or the mail goes to the friend or relative that obtained the card for me - also, I beleive that you can indicate "NO MAIL OFFERS" - right now however, the casinos are mailing offers like crazy - free rooms and chips and BJ coupons at a higher gradient than previously. zg