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    Boards closing, discussion

    Thanks Ken for all your efforts, I'm sorry you weren't psychologically strong enough to handle this.:laugh::laugh:I wouldn't blame you if you ended it tonight.
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    My truck up... Advice...And request...

    With that much in common, wouldn't an invitation to become a prominent member of the Z-zone be in order.:)
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    Do you tell people you're an AP?

    A 2 at ten and a 10 at two.;)
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    Comparison of different systems ?

    Blackjack Attack by Schlesinger has all that and more.
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    Looking for a book to read

    "Las Vegas Blackjack Diary" by Stuart Perry, "A brutally honest account of what it's like for a little guy to take on the casinos single-handedly..."-Arnold Snyder. Also a sure cure for insomnia.
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    When did insurance become widespread?

    According to Snyder's "The Big Book Of Blackjack", the 1957 analysis of blackjack "Playing Blackjack To Win" stated that most Nevada casinos offer insurance.
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    Are there other women out there in the same situation?

    Thanks, Auto Monk, for the tip on the kubotan. What an innocuous, yet potentially lethal little hunk of metal.
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    I snitched on a player doing self-harm

    As long as it's not my face, I say have at it son.
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    Lucky Ladies roundup

    Snyder wrote in Big Book of Blackjack that you would win the Lucky Ladies bet about 10% of the time.
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    Lucky Ladies roundup

    2d=+6 after 1 deck has been dealt/6d=+10 after 4 decks.
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    Economics of Card Counting

    I wholeheartedly agree with Sonny, Syph's posts on Snyders website have been not only entertaining, but a large part in my growth as a counter.
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    Stop The Mirage Dolphin Death Pool!

    Well said.
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    Virtual Sex and Blackjack Combined Online

    Sounds like a plan. Tell him I enjoyed his books.