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    Vegas conditions

    any heat playing 25-400 or so? i'm considering a vegas trip soon
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    Practice Equipment?

    Different cards in the gift shop, at least that I saw. I guess I didn't check both gift shops, just the one up by the hotel rooms. TBH I kinda like the cards anyway, so I'm interested in a set even if I never play there again. Also, I'm cheap, 7 decks at the gift shop is going to be like $30!
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    Practice Equipment?

    Good tips. If I mostly play at one place, is it worth asking a pit boss for a set of drilled cards? Or does that set off all sorts of alarm bells?
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    AC -- looking to play breakeven for comps -- thoughts?

    Bump to say we went to Ocean twice last week, the S17 $25 pit is back to six tables (since they reopened the high limit room). They're cutting off about two decks out of six, but it looked to me like the SCORE is decent with S17, surrender, and otherwise normal rules. Back to the original...
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    Practice Equipment?

    Hi all, My wife is kind enough to deal me a few shoes -- what sort of practice equipment do folks use at home? Do you buy a full setup with felt, chip tray, shoe, and discard tray? Or just stack six Bicycle decks together, pull out the dice chips, and go? Do you try to acquire cards from...
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    AC -- looking to play breakeven for comps -- thoughts?

    Ocean has absolutely nuked my comps at this point, we mostly were playing poker before COVID hit, so we'd switched over to the Borgata both because Ocean closed their room and Borgata was still comping Sun-Thursday for about six hours/day of poker play. Borgata's being screwy with the poker...
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    My bankroll now supports Black Chips... Any tips on making the switch from Green (and not getting backed off)?

    not sure where you're even finding SD 3:2 anymore that tolerates any action whatsoever, i'd say you're likelier to find longevity at the DD game. i'd personally spread 50-400 there, i think KJ has previously talked about purple chip being another threshold for getting more visibility from pit...
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    Is this an ok bet spread?

    have you run this against CVCX? if you're playing the starts of shoes like this i think you might not be getting enough money down when you're favored even though you're wonging out when negative -- if you're backcounting to start then this is fine
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    AC - unrated play restrictions

    I think this might be a broader MGM policy and not just Borgata, I think I might've seen signs regarding this last time I was in Vegas just before the pandemic at an MGM shop, so not terribly surprising it would come to Borgata (I think they've been integrating their computer systems so it...
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    K-O successfully

    Well, I'd still buy you a beer sometime after all this pandemic nonsense is over, your posts here have very much helped! As far as REKO vs HiLo -- saving the conversion makes it so I don't accidentally space out looking at the tray while thinking. I feel like that's a telltale sign, although...
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    K-O successfully

    I'm still way below n0 (I've maybe gotten 150 hours in, mostly in the year or so prior to COVID and none since) but I'm a slight winner with Don's REKO.
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    Depositing Cash While Traveling

    Kinda surprised nobody else mentioned this -- TSA is the main fear I'd have with $10K+ on me while travelling, they can seize more or less despite your innocence, and you have to prove your innocence to get it back (and wouldn't you know, they miscounted when bringing it in, so you get less back...
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    Stu Ungar's shoe-counting abilities

    The story's possibly apocryphal just like this one, but my understanding in that one was the opponent was a made person in some criminal organization or another, and it was at the guy's house/restaurant/wherever. I don't think Stuey was doing anything other than being that good at gin rummy...
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    Poker at Borgata

    1/3's my game these days, I miss when LHE was big in 2004-6 or so, made some decent money online but I don't think I'd want to sit and grind 20/40 at the Borg these days. Looking forward to a vaccine and some level of poker normalcy to return, I haven't gone due to fear of COVID, but I can't...
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    Chasing aces.

    There's other threads on here on this subject, but I believe the punchline is that you slightly reduce variance by moving to two spots, and you get more money onto the table by doing so, but you do eat through cards faster so you'll get slightly less rounds of positive count this way. I highly...