Practice Equipment?


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Hi all,

My wife is kind enough to deal me a few shoes -- what sort of practice equipment do folks use at home? Do you buy a full setup with felt, chip tray, shoe, and discard tray? Or just stack six Bicycle decks together, pull out the dice chips, and go?

Do you try to acquire cards from your main shops, or just any similarly indexed and sized cards will do?


Fat Cat


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the shoe isn't really necessary, if your wife prefers dealing without it. the discard tray is actually the important piece since you need to practice deck estimation. i wouldn't worry too much about the cards, different casinos use different cards so u have to get used to varying card sizes anyway. it is more about proportion than absolute card size anyway. besides you do not need laser like precision when it comes to deck estimation.

P.s. I recommend stacking the deck with a +10 or +15 slug so you get to experience high counts every shoe. that way you get more practice where it is important when the big money will be bet.


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Good tips. If I mostly play at one place, is it worth asking a pit boss for a set of drilled cards? Or does that set off all sorts of alarm bells?


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Different cards in the gift shop, at least that I saw. I guess I didn't check both gift shops, just the one up by the hotel rooms.

TBH I kinda like the cards anyway, so I'm interested in a set even if I never play there again. Also, I'm cheap, 7 decks at the gift shop is going to be like $30!