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    British Rules Improved?

    Proper Insurance or just Even Money on Dealer Ace? EDIT: I know of two casinos that still employ that rule set, it isn't uncommon. (At least in my back yard...)
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    British Rules Improved?

    Trad Brit Rules: D9,10,11 Only. No Split 4s,5s & 10s. Another joint by myself have dropped this diabolical rule set, In favour of DOA, Split any pair, RSA, with seemingly no limit on how many hands you may split to. I recently split up to 5 hands. A sign of the smaller joints struggling...
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    funny you should mention that

    I've started to view variance as an even more critical factor than EV itself. Variance is what can turn a winning game into a loser. Double Kelly exemplifies this perfectly.
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    Bank roll and units

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    card counting in Cardiff

    Grant, A lot of information must be taken into consideration when working out advantage, E.V, SD etc.. I recommend going to and downloading the 'powersim' software to evaluate your games. Unfotunately this software does not take into account the No Insurance rule...
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    Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians

    You should of smashed his back windscreen in with a baseball bat and quoted 'God works in mysterious ways'
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    playing 7 hands

    If I am playing heads up at a table minimum lower than my usual, I will spread to 7 hands in bad counts, flying through that shoe at minimum cost.
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    Rant: I quit, thanks for the help bj21

    :laugh: :laugh: You just cant help yourself can you !
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    Scoping out a casino

    Tell me about it....
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    Strategies for keeping yourself off tilt

    You really are spreading the 'Fractional Kelly' love at the moment aren't you Avenger?! :grin: Its true though, Fractional Kelly is about as awesome as it gets.
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    Bank roll and units

    Thats what I meant, at a fixed amount its 1-2%, bad communication on my behalf. Obviously if he readjusts at intervals as I suggested he will enjoy a much lower RoR, as close to 0 as possible.
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    Bank roll and units

    No Problems and 1-12 will be fine, If your using HILO try to make that max bet of 12u at a TC of 6 though to keep your ROR low.
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    The book

    More top advice on life from RingleDingle. Take note kids.
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    Bank roll and units

    Hiya Kebo, 1000 unit bankroll is an optimal choice. By spreading 1-10 you will be betting roughly 'half kelly' making your RoR about 1-2%. If you reassess your bets every swing of say 10% or so, you will increase optimal growth whilst still keeping a very low RoR. If you find it difficult...
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    cost of ror

    1/4 Kelly? :rolleyes: