British Rules Improved?

Discussion in 'Outside of USA' started by PierceNation, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. PierceNation

    PierceNation Well-Known Member

    Trad Brit Rules: D9,10,11 Only. No Split 4s,5s & 10s.

    Another joint by myself have dropped this diabolical rule set, In favour of DOA, Split any pair, RSA, with seemingly no limit on how many hands you may split to. I recently split up to 5 hands.

    A sign of the smaller joints struggling?

    I'm interested to hear what the situation in London is (In regards to CSMs and rules), I am planning a trip at new year with a very small team.

    PM me when using specific club names.
  2. tezzadiver

    tezzadiver Well-Known Member

    Those are old rules. Most clubs you can double on anything, split any pair etc.. and this has been going on for at least 2 years.
    Certain clubs you can even take insurance.

    The main disadvantage in London is the no hole card rule, No insurance for the GOOD GAMES. Not to mention crappy penetration.

    The main advantage is you can get away with large bet spreads. Be ready to handle the swings though.:laugh:
  3. PierceNation

    PierceNation Well-Known Member

    Proper Insurance or just Even Money on Dealer Ace?

    EDIT: I know of two casinos that still employ that rule set, it isn't uncommon. (At least in my back yard...)
  4. tezzadiver

    tezzadiver Well-Known Member

    The `chain` that offers insurance is large chain.(and its a fairly recent result) They also use a lot of decks ie. more than 6. Their games are worthwhile for wonging though, if you have the patience.

    CSM`s are being used at some outlets especially one new one `hint`- previous thread. `Even money` is generally offered on most other games throughout. Splitting and doubling rules are generally very liberal, not that the ploppies know how to take advantage of it:rolleyes:

    Good games can be found, but are largely dealer dependent at certain times of day. (regarding pen). Shopping around is a good way to find out when and where. ;)
  5. jnrwilliam

    jnrwilliam Active Member

    more than 8 decks ?
  6. tezzadiver

    tezzadiver Well-Known Member

    No. 8 Decks only.

    and they can barely shuffle those :laugh:

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