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    Renzey's Ace-10 Front Count... It's working!

    Blackjack Bluebook II is my blackjack bible. I've been using the KISS III count for years-it gets the $$$
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    Thank you Don!
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    If you're looking for a great blackjack book.

    I'd urge you to read Blackjack Bluebook II. I've been using the Kiss III count for many years and it gets the $$$.
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    Avery Cardoza multi deck strategy

    I use KISS III explained in Blackjack Bluebook II. It gets the $$$!
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    The Ilani Casino at La Center Washington

    I don't think they have a buffet.
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    The Ilani Casino at La Center Washington

    I don't play Spanish. The place is nice and the dealers were polite and personable. Overall it seemed to take a long time to get a shoe that I could start raising my bet-but it finally did happen and I drove home happy. Good cards!
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    The Ilani Casino at La Center Washington

    Actually the pen was excellent. They were cutting out 1 deck on a 6 decker!
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    The Ilani Casino at La Center Washington

    Thanks. I went there today for the first time and the games are S17.
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    The Ilani Casino at La Center Washington

    I'd like to find out more about the Ilani. Do they have $5 & $10 tables? Are they sweaty? Anything you can relate would be most helpful. Thanks and good cards!
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    Boards closing, discussion

    Ken- I've learned so much because this board was here-we all have. Take care-and to all members of this board it's been great. All of you have a great holiday season and a very happy and prosperous new year! prankster:)
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    $10, $10, $10, 2x$250, 2x$250, 2x$250

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    What is the counting system with the best PE for 6D?

    Use the KISS III count and get the $$$ without your brain exploding!:)
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    what are the good casino in Washington?

    The Lucky Eagle-Rochester Washington. Good rules and pen. Good buffet. Just south of Olympia. Good cards!:laugh:
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    Was "21" sponsored by Casinos?

    Ladies and Gentlemen- The movie was fun-and you got to look at Liza Lapira-what more could we ask for?:)
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    Question for everyone regarding two hands

    Fred also suggests that when you play two hands you decrease your bet somewhat. Maybe by 20%??? PM Fred-he's great about answering our questions!:joker: