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    Officially done with this mob ridden city

    you really think chasers bellagio aria and those big places cheat.? I wonder if they do too sometimes but other times I reallly have good runs explain how they cheat I think it’s odd when the dealer gets 21 damn near every time when it’s illusive but how can they manage the swings in players...
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    When do casinos start backing people off?

    Being backed off just means your doing it right. You sound confident so you must be relatively new.. your going to hit a bad patch. Make sure you do that where you won and that will even it out. just giving you a hard time. Really you don’t need to worry about this. I Stand OUt like...
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    BlackHawk CO

    That is true. I just didn’t know if there was anyone out there that had some info for a local. I typically fly to Vegas once or maybe twice a month but I took a new job where I am now going to be limited with my Vegas trips. I have gone to Blackhawk a few times and done pretty well. They have a...
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    BlackHawk CO

    I think its changed? it is no longer 5 flat.
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    BlackHawk CO

    Hey I'm new here to this FORUM but I have a friend who pointed me this way a few years ago.. I just never really consider to make an account but after reading through countless posts I see this online community is not only intelligent but nice.. Has anyone been up to BLACKHAWK CO on here? I...
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    Where to Start... Your experience?

    So a lot of people have given you great advice.. My two cents is practice with cards more than a computer... Buy a green a sho a discard tray find someone to deal to you as the casino deals where you are going to go... Emulate the surroundings with loud music and noises.. Dont practice in your...