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    Discussion of other BJ Forum Sites

    Haha, hopefully the content will grow with time! SB
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    Discussion of other BJ Forum Sites

    I am in the process of building a forum at (Dead link: Registration is now open, but functionality is still being built out as we speak. SB
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    Discussion of other BJ Forum Sites

    If you are uncertain of what forum you will choose (like me), stay in touch with people from BJInfo for now at (Dead link: I honestly just don't want to lose contact with everyone on Monday. This buys us some time. SB
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    Discussion of other BJ Forum Sites

    Would it be beneficial to make a poll? Or would there be too many options? SB
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    Boards closing, discussion

    Great site. Of course sad it's gone, but thanks for the heads up and archiving all threads. Running a forum (especially this large) is difficult. There is something going on 24/7. Even if there's not, its always in the back if your mind. Thanks Ken for your hard work. Only been here 6 months...
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    Twenty-something hits Presque Isle Downs for half-million at BJ

    That's a nice run! You sure you're just counting? Hehe SB
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    Checks play, doubling hard...

    I wouldn't take people's jabs/jokes personally on the forum. Any sarcasm you face is well worth getting your questions answered. Let's be honest, some of these threads would be pretty boring without posters' personality sprinkled throughout. Good mix of info and humor if you ask me. Just my...
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    heads up 1 h vs. 2 hands

    Very nice! I love this forum! Yet another angle to increase EV. Thanks BP.
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    The book

    Very interesting. I always thought he only sold copies of the book to people he knew to be professional or to people who his friends "vouched" for. I must have been mistaken. I could see how casinos could benefit, no doubt. SB
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    Degenerate gamblers or loyal customers?

    A fresher buffet?
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    heads up 1 h vs. 2 hands

    My experience has been quite the opposite. Very rarely can I spread to two hands with min bet on each. I usually try the first time I am in a positive count. When they correct me and ask for a 2x-min bet on each, I gladly oblige :-D SB
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    Returning to the scene of the backoff?

    I hoped they aren't destroyed yet... I just got started!
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    Some helpful tips for anyone planning on playing

    Appreciate the tips and everyone's point of view. They should greatly reduce the amount of rookie mistakes I will make along the road. SB